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The Ressource Pack:
Are you knowledgeable about datapacks ?

The datapacks allow you to make modifications on minecraft, but unlike mods, they can be installed without any prerequisite and directly in the ‹datapacks› folder of your map. The objective when I started was to create a datapack that could rival real mods. It's up to you to judge if my objective is successful or not :D

Here is the current additions:
  • New workbench: the Advanced Crafting Table
  • New item:The component of the industrial farm ( crafting material )
  • New machine: The Automatic Factory Farm
  • New item: the component of the Quarry ( crafting material )
  • New machine: the Quarry
  • Armor stand: can be customized in survival mode.
  • New creature: domestic spider
  • New machine: the Automatic Tree farm
  • New machine: Auto-feeder
  • New machine: the Burner
  • New machine: the Automatic Fish Farm
  • New machine: Forges
  • New creature: the Recruiter
  • New creature: the Malignant
  • New creature: the Aid
  • New creature: the Ender-bowman
  • New machine: the Teleporter
  • Shulker, silverfish, bat and dark oak leaves loot modification.
  • New recipe for the saddle, iron, gold and diamond horse armor, chainmail armor, name tag and bell.
  • New recipe for converting wool into strings.
  • New recipe to convert putrefied flesh into leather.
  • The number of bees is displayed when collecting hives/nests.
  • The silk touch enchantment allows to recover spawners.
  • Statics of your horses are now visible.
  • New creature: the Wandering Miner
  • New structure: the floating islands.
  • New machine: Storage Drawers
  • New machine: Void Storage
  • New recipe: Enchant Reducer

New machine: Mob Catcher

New machine: Elevator

New machine: Mob Filter

New feature: the Trapped chest

New advancements

A message is displayed at the time of your death, indicating the place of your death.

New secrets to discover

New machine: Submarine

New upgrades: for dogs

New dimension: Mining
New dimension: Hunting
New dimension: Sea World


‹ /function more_machinery_and_features:giveall › to give all the machines. (cheats)

Advanced Crafting Table

The Advanced Crafting Table is the workbench you will use to make your machines.
To get it there is nothing simpler: place a workbench and throw an iron block on it.
component of the industrial farm

This element is a concentrate of new technologies, it will be used to make your Automatic Factory Farm.

Automatic Factory Farm
A small machine but with features that will make any farmer happy who wants a farm that is simple to use and efficient.

It can grow wheat, carrots, potatoes, beets, or Nether warts provided you provide it with the necessary materials for it to start:

A flat 9x9 area where it will have to be placed in the middle.

    • I advise you to place in the center water to hydrate the crops.
    • Some seeds, it will keep 64 of them to replant at any time.
    • Bone meal, it will be able to store 80 of them. Optional but useful because the plantations will grow much faster. A container will have to be placed in the centre and filled with bone meal.
    • An hoe, because it will show you the centre of the machine and its current crop. In wheat mode it will only plant wheat. The same goes for the carrot, potato, beet and Nether wart mode. Throw the hoe as many times as necessary to navigate between its different modes. If you break it or change crops in the meantime, it will give you back all the remaining seeds and bone powders.
⚠️For the Nether warts provide a floor of soul sand

This machine will also allow the harvesting of melons, pumpkins, cactus and sugar cane without having to make any pre-settings.
As you can see on the video, the machine will teleport its harvest to the center of one of its sides. You can change this side by throwing a chest at it until it suits you. To get your machine back, break the center block where you previously dropped it.

A handy little option is to add fences, torches and gates directly to your farm to protect it:

⚠️ You can use any type of wood.

Armor Stand
Have you ever wanted a little armor stand? Unfortunately, it's impossible for survival.
Not anymore it isn't. Indeed, you can now have armor stand with hands, small sizes...

To customize them, you'll have to position yourself in your armor stand and drop your items:
    • 1 redstone, you have an armor stand with another position. (13 positions available)
    • 2 sticks, you have a armor stand with hands.
    • 1 shear, you have an armor stand without hands.
    • 1 bucket of milk, you have a normal size armor stand.
    • 1 bowl, you have a small armor stand.
    • 1 stone slab, you have an armor stand with the base.
    • 1 iron pickaxe, you have an armor stand without the base.
    • 1 gunpowder, you have an invisible armor stand .
    • 1 feather, you have a visible armor stand .
    • 1 chest, you have a locked armor stand . ( the change of armor)
    • 1 lever, you have an unlocked armor stand .
    • 1 book, you have an armor stand that doesn't suffer from gravity.
    • 1 brick, you have an armor stand that undergoes gravity.
⚠️ Items will not be consumed.

component of the Quarry
With this little technology you can make the Quarry.

The Quarry, the famous machine that mines to bedrock.

It will mine everything except the special blocks. It will go down to the very lower part with its 4 chests and 2 hoppers, replacing the liquids with glass as it moves through. ( to avoid floods)
special blocks
  • bedrock
  • dropper
  • barrel
  • loodstone
  • spawner
  • furnace
  • infested_chiseled_stone_bricks
  • infested_cobblestone
  • infested_cracked_stone_bricks
  • infested_mossy_stone_bricks
  • infested_stone
  • infested_stone_bricks
  • end_gateway
  • end_portal
  • end_portal_frame
  • command_block
  • barrier
  • repeating_command_block
  • chain_command_block
  • structure_void
  • structure_block

Your Quarry will have finished mining when you have a special block below its containers or if you manually destroy it by breaking one of its containers.
When it has broken, it will have to be reloaded with its containers in the Advanced Crafting Table to be able to reuse it, no matter how the items are disposed.

You can choose between two upgrades for your Quarry, the first is Silk Touch:
The book contains the silk touch enchantment, this enhancement will allow you to recover the minerals as with the enchantment of the same name.

The second upgrade is called Smelting:
Conversely, it allows the Quarry"s produce to be cooked directly.

This is the new best way to roast your victims.
The Burner will create a flame where it looks, you have the settings: players (default), objects, animals or mobs, to choose what it will ignite.
You can switch between settings by putting it in the center of the Advanced Craft Table.
The flame will not destroy items (except in item mode) and once there is nothing left, the flame will go out.
You can use the burner-tool to change the direction in which the flame will appear, it can ignite in all 4 directions, plus above it. You will have to put it on the machine while remaining "sneak".

Real nursery essential for your breeding farms. It will only feed cows, champimeuh, chickens, pigs, rabbits and sheep.

Here it is installed, the fence here represents its range of action:

It will be necessary to provide him with food. If you want to use it for chickens, you will have to provide it with seed, for cows it will be wheat, for pigs it will be potatoes, carrots, beets, then for rabbits it will be dandelions, carrots...
You can put 64 of each food, if you break the auto-feeder you will get back all the food that has not been eaten.

Automatic Tree Farm
This machine will harvest all types of wood for you, lumberjack friends, here is your new ally.

⚠️ You have to replace the saplings according to what you want.

Initially, it will need to be supplied with saplings, it will store up to 12 saplings to be able to replant its trees.

The machine will teleport its harvest to the centre of one of its sides. You can change this side by throwing a chest at it, until it suits you. You can see where the objects will be teleported by taking a chest in your hand.

They exist with different materials sorted in order of effectiveness: redstone, iron, gold, emerald, diamond, enderdragon egg and beacon.
If you make it with redstone blocks, it will no longer need fuel, but will be penalized by a cooking twice as slow as a classic furnace.
More on cooking times:
    • Redstone block forge: cooks 64 items in 21 minutes and 20 seconds.
    • Normal furnace: cooks 64 items in 10 minutes and 40 seconds.
    • Iron block forge: cooks 64 items in 8 minutes.
    • Gold block forge: cooks 64 items in 5 minutes and 20 seconds.
    • Emerald block forge: cooks 64 items in 2 minutes and 40 seconds.
    • Diamond block forge: cooks 64 items in 1 minute and 20 seconds.
    • Beacon forge: cooks 64 items in 32 seconds.
    • Netherite block forge: cooks 64 items in 3.2 seconds.

To destroy it, destroy the furnace or one of the blocks of the ring, you get your coal back at the same time.
The center of the unused ring will be used for your hopper for example to collect the cooked item.

Automatic Fish Farm
A machine that will provide you with fish, isn't my fish fresh?

It will need to be supplied with wheat seed and string, which it will store up to 64.
The Automatic Fish Farm will consume one seed and 3 strings at each catch.
If there is a container underneath it, it will place its catches in it.

⚠️ It will need to be placed in water for it to work.

The machine that will teleport you to a predetermined location.

First, place it in the desired arrival position. This will save its coordinates. Place it again, but where you wish to place your teleporter. All you have to do is borrow it to teleport to the previously saved position.

⚠️ It works in all dimensions but cannot teleport you from one dimension to another. To retrieve it, we'll have to destroy the block below the teleporter.



Storage Drawers

Small machine that can store more than 2,100,000,000 times the same item.

Once installed, you will have to put the item you want to store in it.

You can see that there are 144 diamonds renamed ‹Roger the diamond› here.

⚠️ It will only accept items strictly identical to the previous one, if you give it an item with a different name or another enchantment, it will refuse it.

You can now fill it as much as you want. To remove items, right click on the top of the container.
Note: If a hopper is located underneath, it will suck out its items.

⚠️ To break it, it will first need to be empty.

Void Storage

Small dimension where you can store everything you want safely.

Once you have set it, it will ask you to create a password that will be a number greater than 1,000.

You'll have to be on the block and type the command:
/trigger create_password set yourpassword

To access your dimension, you will need to be on the block and press the key to sneak.

Here is your 7x7x5 dimension, you can arrange it as you wish, nobody will be able to destroy your little secret room.
To get out of it, you have to go back to the block and crouch down.

Your password will be saved for life and you can only have one Void Storage.
If you want to invite friends, give them your password, they will have to go to the block and make the command:
/trigger join_password set yourpassword

To review your password, go up on the block and take a paper.

⚠️ To destroy your Void Storage, you must be the creator and break the block.

Here's an example of construction, I'm not very good at building I'm waiting to see yours.



Enchant Reducer

Will allow you to have even more enchantment on your tools.

You surely had the message ‹Too expensive!› on your anvil, this recipe will allow you to reduce to 0 the cost of enchantment of your tool and to add your enchantments.
Simply replace the tool in the middle by your tool.



 Mob Catcher

Machine that can catch any monster, Gotta Catch ‘Em All !.

To use it, you will need to place it next to the creature you wish to capture. It will then be trapped in this machine, a right click on the ground will release the captured creature, giving back the Mob Cather.

The egg cannot be used on a spawner, if you tempt the devil, your egg will be consumed and your spawner will be automatically reset as a zombie spawner.

⚠️ The bosses Wither and the Ender Dragon, cannot be captured.




The best way to travel up or down the floors.

It is necessary to have several, minimum two, for two floors for example.

To go from one block to another, you will simply have to use your touch to crouch, look up to be teleported up and down to be teleported down. They have to be on top of each other for this to work.



Mob Filter

This machine will filter your creatures.

It has only one mode for the moment, I'm waiting for your suggestions to add some.
This machine in Baby mode will filter babies from adults:

As you can see it keeps the baby versions of the creatures and teleports the adults underneath it.



component of the Submarine:

This next-generation component will be necessary for the cratfing of your submarine.



New mode of transportation, perfect for exploring shipwrecks.


You'll have to place it in the water and power it to work. Once inside, throw in dried kelp to refuel it. Dried kelp allows you to sail for 10 seconds. It can store 100 of them.



If you are attacked, the submarine will protect you with its shield, which will decrease after every hit.

Once at 0%, it will no longer protect you. You can recharge it up to 1% with Redstone powder.


Note: the submarine will give you water breathing when you are inside for 10 seconds.



Trapped Chest

A small chest that is regularly generated in the caves, it will hold good or bad surprises for you.

By opening this chest, you accept the risk of having a little good or bad surprise. You have the luck to have either a positive or a negative effect. At the moment, there are 100 different effects, but this catalogue will grow with each update. The effects are balanced and are meant to reward you for taking the risk, but there will be no abused items or huge destruction.


To help you find them, you can make this compass which will indicate the nearest Trapped Chest. If you cannot make it, there is no Trapped Chest nearby.

If you want the compass to redirect you to a new Trapped Chest, you will need to place it in the center of the Advanced Crafting Table.



Mining dimension:

The perfect place to mine peacefully.

To access the dimension, you will simply have to sneak on the block in question, to enter you will have to sneak again but on the block that appeared in the dimension.


There are no creatures or structures in this dimension, you can mine in peace.
The dimension being magical, you see everywhere as days, even in the deepest caves.


Note: Emerald is naturally generated in this world.



Hunting dimension:

The ideal area to hunt monsters.

To access the dimension, you will simply have to sneak on the block in question, to enter you will have to sneak again but on the block that appeared in the dimension.

There are no caves or structures in this dimension, you can easily make monster farms.



Sea World

A wild tropical area with turquoise water.

To access the dimension, you will simply have to sneak on the block in question, to enter you will have to sneak again but on the block that appeared in the dimension.


This dimension is filled with tropical oceans and deserted islands, the ideal place to relax?


The new structures

Islands floating in the air will now randomly appear in your world. They will all be composed of a house with: a chest and a Vex or Phantom spawner.
They will have 5 different themes:






The treasure hidden in his chests will be random but will always contain a special item. These items are unbreakable but will disappear if you die with them. The armor will protect you as much as an iron armor.
Lucky Helmet: 25% Luck
Celestial Chestplate: +4 Max Health
Titan Leggings: 10% attack speed and +2 Attack Damage
Flurry Boots: 20% speed
Ankh Shield: +1 armor and 15% Knockback resistance

/function more_machinery_and_features:view
This cheat command will notify you when a new floating island is generated.
At the same time, it will give you its coordinates and its theme.

/function more_machinery_and_features:hidden
This command, on the contrary, will disable its notifications.

new creatures

Great adept of magic, it will not attack you directly, but will use its magic stick with clay to give life to its minions. It will create 3 little zombies every 8 seconds.
It has a limited stock of clay (each invocation will consume it). On his fifth invocation it will be out of stock.

Chance of appearance: 5% chance of replacing a zombie.
Health point: 18
Loot: rotten flesh, clay (depending on its stock), stick, gold ingot

This skeleton will surprise you, it may seem quite commonplace from a distance, but if you have the misfortune to approach him thinking you have the advantage, it will draw its sword to attack you in melee. You may decide to run away, but it will take its bow and finish you off with its arrow.

Chance of appearance: 13% chance of replacing a skeleton.
Health point: 23
loot: his equipment, bone, arrow, leather.

A true mage, it will use its skills to give boosts to its allies and malus to your allies. Fortunately, it does not move and does not attack, it will let its allies take care of you.
Its sworn enemies are the iron golems, it won't hesitate to offer them a surprise.
    • it gives resistance III to zombies.
    • it gives speed II to skeletons.
    • it gives speed II to creepers.
    • It gives invisibility I to witches.
    • It gives jump boost II to slimes.
    • It gives slowness IV to dogs.
    • It gives levitation II to players.
    • It will burn the iron golems.

Chance of appearance: 11% chance of replacing a witch.
Health point: 120
Loot: book, enchanted book, experience bottles, gold ingot.

Unlike the Enderman, it will teleport when you get too close to it, preventing any melee attack. You will then need a bow, a Trident or a good pair of legs to escape him. Arrows that draw will be ignited.

Chance of appearance: 12% chance of replacing an enderman
Health point: 40
loot: ender pearl and a rather rare and coveted equipment...

Domestic spider
This spider will be your new useful ally and is not invasive.

To get it, you will have to kill spiders until one of them gives you an egg.
Place it where you want it, then a percentage will appear and keep you informed of its progress.
You will have to wait 10 minutes.

⚠️ If you are unlucky enough not to be there (5 blocks away) when it hatches, it will appear wild and you will be forced to go looking for another egg.

The spider does not disappear and will not attack. However, it will have to be fed with raw chicken for it to grow and take its adult form. If you take too long to feed it (2 minutes) it will eventually die from the Wither effect. After that, it will be eaten for only 5 minutes and the cycle will repeat itself. Therefore it will have to be fed 5 times to become an adult.

It will produce cobwebs every 3 minutes and will produce a deadly poison that can be collected every 20 minutes by throwing an empty bottle at it.
This vial will give the Wither II effect for 20 seconds.
Don't forget to give it raw chicken to cure it of the potential damage ;)


Dog upgrades:

You can now upgrade it with various powerups to make it stronger in battle with monsters.


Armor upgrade:

This upgrade will increase your dog's armor by 5 points up to a maximum of 20 armor points. Your dog has 0 armor points as a base.


Attack upgrade:

This upgrade will increase your dog's attack by one point up to a maximum of 8 attack points.
Your dog has a standard 4 attack points.


Speed upgrade:


This upgrade will increase your dog's speed by 0.1 points up to a maximum of 0.6 speed points.
Your dog's standard speed is 0.3 speed points.


Fire protection upgrade:

This upgrade will give your dog Fire Protection 4


Explosion protection upgrades:

This upgrade will give your dog Blast Protection 4


Totem of undying upgrade

This upgrade will give your dog 2 totems of immortality protecting him twice against death.
Once both totems have been used, you can give him this upgrade again.




Like his cousin the Wandering Trader, he'll offer you trades too. However this one will only appear in the mineshaft.
He will be very useful during your mining sessions because he will sell utilities that cannot be found in the caves, such as wood, a workbench, bread, torches...

Spawn egg

Thanks to this recipe, you can get his eggs in a creative way.

New Recipes


loot change

The shulkers will now give two shulker shells on their dead.
Silverfish will drop 0 to 3 iron nuggets to their deaths. ( +2 on each level of Looting )
The bats will drop bat leather. (4 bat leathers will leave 1 normal bat leather in a workbench.)

The dark oak leaves will leave saplings 4 times more often.

The number of bees is now displayed when you collect their hives/nests:

The enchantment of silk touch makes it possible to collect the spawners:

The carrot on a stick will display your horse's stats, the closer this percentage is to 100, the more perfect your horse will be.




A message will appear when you die indicating your coordinates and the dimension of your death.

I hope you will like this datapack, I took a lot of time to make it and test it.
You can give me your feelings and ideas to contribute to this little project.
A little support via my utip would be nice and doesn't take much time ;)

Known issues:

Death messages do not work if the doImmediateRespawn gamerule is set to true.


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