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want to spice up your Minecraft experience? Here! crafting with sound adds a lot of juice to the game.
all the sounds are vanilla sound just play when crafting with 33 sound. such as wood, stone, iron and etc!
have a good suggestion in your mind? do not wait! comment on it.

the current version is 3.11 please update if you are not using latest version.


------ [ General user section ] ------




How to adjust sounds volume
The crafting sounds is tide to Players channel in Music&Sound options menu.
You can tune it down as you desire.

How to open personal settings

Simply enter the command "/trigger pbbs.cs.trigger set 1" in this menu will contain.

(the commands might not be executable if administrator prohibit this command or edited the datapack)

[​Mute] (true or false)
You won't hear any sounds creating by this datapack. Use when you dislike this datapack but playing the host
that have this installed and you don't want to turn off players sounds entirely. note that you still
do crafting sounds to other players.

Control chance that crafting will make sounds (default is 100%) you can set it to
10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 90% and 100%. This option only effect you.


How to open datapack menu
Simply enter the command "/function playbabe:menu/craftsound/open" in this menu will contain.

normally Minecraft has items that can not be obtained by crafting because there is no recipe for
those items. In case you have datapack/plugin/mod or some sort of modification
that allows those items to be crafted. This add-on will add sounds to them. (not install on default)
In case you want to uninstall addon you have to uninstall the whole datapack and reinstall it.

items example: spawn egg, bedrock, obsidian, lava bucket, potion, grass block

in above Craftsound version 3.0, I implement a check to my datapack. it will check the version of
the scoreboard it install inside the save and decide to install if there is none, do noting if version is
correct and warn you if the version is incorrect. The last will only appear when you in appropriately
update the datapack (see how to update). in the case you are quite lazy to do the whole process
you can force install the datapack. but it not guarantee that the datapack will work without bug.

straightforward, plz do it before update or change the Craftsound version

1) run command "/function playbabe:menu/craftsound/open" ("craftsound/menu" in version 2.1 and below)
2) an options message should appear, left-click at [​uninstall] message
3) the datapack should uninstall and disable itself.
4) delete old version datapack in world folder where it installed
5) download latest version and install it

------ [ Creator section ] ------

Distribution rule
You are allow to use or feature Craftsound on anything just be sure to give credit.
such as collection, server , video , picture, etc. BUT you are not allow to
recompile Craftsound into other datapack.
You are allow to edit the datapack for these only reason and do not remove credit!
- remove, add or change sound type
- remove, add or change sound play when craft specific item

Quick Q&A
Q: My datapack or one of my plugin create custom recipe that make it own sound, does it impact anything?
A: If the recipe where craft by crafting table or inventory, yes, CS will play sound anyway regarding the context.

Q: Is it possible to disable CS sound for specific recipe ?
A: no, just specific item (see how to edit my datapack below).

------ [ What's next ? ] ------

implement more sounds variant, adjust the current one to be less annoying and more subtle.unfortunately,
the datapack are aim to not using any custom sounds (ie. resourcepack independent) so I doesn't have

Facebook page
My first/local language is Thai, do not panic if all the message in contact is Thai.

I can talk English but not very good at grammar.


------ [ Customize Section ] ------

How to edit sounds

locate and go to "\data\playbabe\functions\craftsound\sounds\small"
inside this folder will contain every command that play sounds respect to the items.
you can freely edited command inside

Complete list of items and sounds CraftSound Items List.xlsx

How to disable sound for certain item
Look into "auto_install.mcfunction" and find the item you want to remove.
Then remove the scoreboard object associate to it.