Convert Traders [Datapack Edition]

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Convert Traders [Datapack Edition]


This datapack lets you convert Wandering Traders to regular traders with a small price of an emerald block. This would be perfect for any skyblock like a map where villages do not generate making villagers unobtainable.


How To Convert

1. Find a Wandering Trader

2. Grab your hands on an emerald block

3. Click on the Wandering Trader while holding the emerald block.

4. Done! The trader should convert to a villager.

P.S. The villager will change its skin depending on the biome that it spawns in, for example, if you convert the trader in a jungle it will spawn a jungle villager, if you convert a trader in a swamp it will turn to a swamp villager.


Customize Your Experience!

This datapack has a built-in config that you can use to customize your datapack for your liking, the following options are below.

- Show particles when you convert the trader

- Play the explosion sound when you convert the trader

- Determine if some of the trader's data should copy over to the villager. example: CustomName, Silent, NoAI, etc

- Change how many emerald blocks are needed to convert trader to a villager (min: 1b, max:64b) default: 1b


For Moderators

If you give yourself the tag `LPSMOD`, it will tell you via chat who has converted a trader or failed to convert it. command: `/tag @s add LPSMOD` (There is a section in the config about this.)

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