Black Hole Lucky Block

90,253 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 26, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2  

This Lucky Block was pogrammed by CoderStudios! So he may not be copied or published elsewhere!

He may be uploaded to Youtube! The brackets mean its an history file.


I don't have unlimited time, and Lucky Blocks aren't very popular anymore, so I decided to focus on my other projects. Maybe I will update this Lucky Block some time in the future, but definitely not in the next few months. Also as you can update my Lucky Block yourself if you want. Just text me on Discord(Adalfarus#0785) and we can discuss the update, of course you will be credited and a member of this project.



0:00 Downloading the Files

4:40 Sorting the Files

5:14 Tutorial 1.8.9

12:26 Tutorial 1.12.2

19:49 Tampering with the 1.12.2

24:49 Remembering, I added a Shield

25:47 Tampering done wrong

26:31 How to share the Addon



Requires Loot++ (1.8.9)

Requires Additions Mod  (1.12.2+)

Requires Loot Overhaul  (1.12.2+)

Requires Potion Core

Requires Lucky Blocks

Requires Mantle

Recommends JEI

Recommends AppleSkin  (1.12.2+)

Recommends 1.16 for 1.12 (Texturepack)


What added?

- Additions Mod Support

- Support of 1.12.2 (with Additions Mod)

Stability = Durability 


Whats coming?

- Texture upgrade


- More Content, if you have any Ideas send them to me on Discord! (Adalfarus#0785)


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