Black Hole Lucky Block

70,548 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

This Lucky Block was pogrammed by CoderStudios! So he may not be copied or published elsewhere!

He may be uploaded to Youtube! The brackets mean its an history file.



0:00 Downloading the Files

4:40 Sorting the Files

5:14 Tutorial 1.8.9

12:26 Tutorial 1.12.2

19:49 Tampering with the 1.12.2

24:49 Remembering, I added a Shield

25:47 Tampering done wrong

26:31 How to share the Addon



Requires Loot++ (1.8.9)

Requires Additions Mod  (1.12.2+)

Requires Loot Overhaul  (1.12.2+)

Requires Potion Core

Requires Lucky Blocks

Recommends JEI

Recommends Overloaded Armor Bar (1.12.2+)

Recommends Mantle

Recommends AppleSkin  (1.12.2+)

Recommends Quality Tools  (1.12.2+)

Recommends Not Enough Potions (1.8.9)


What added?

- Additions Mod Support

- Support of 1.12.2 (with Additions Mod)


Whats coming?

- V4 of the 1.12.2 with more content (

          New                                    Old
White Dwarf Star       | Black
Red Dwarf Star          | Black Hole
Star                             | Impossible Black Hole
Neutron Star              | God Black Hole
Red Hypergiant Star |
Black Hole                 |
Void                            |



- A Christmas version

- More Content, if you have any Ideas send them to me! (


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