Better With Mods SFS Script

When I was trying to configure my own pack I found that you couldn't easily remove the recipe for Soul Forged Steel, the % return on the urn was baked into the config and meant that the recipe for SFS and an Urn didn't exist. Removing just the SFS recipe removed the SFS Shovel recycling recipe instead. This script """solves""" that issue by removing all of the recipes and then adding them all back, letting you configure a SFS recipe to your liking.

It also fixes some issues that I discovered while looking through the recipes such as:

  • Chain Chest-plate and Leggings having the wrong recycling output causing an infinite Iron situation
  • Hopper Carts recycling output being 5 Iron Ingots instead of 10
  • Recycling Water, Lava and Milk bucket recipe bloat

If you decide to put this in some nonsense public pack put my name somewhere.