Better Beginnings & Survivalist Compatibility

322 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 2, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2


This compatibility pack adds the necessary Survivalist recipes to Better Beginnings Campfire, Brick Oven, Kiln and Smelter. It currently does the following;

  • Allows Dough to be burned on the Campfire without a Pan (Outputs 'Charred ???')
  • Allows Dough to be burned in the Kiln (Outputs 'Charred ???')
  • Allows Dough to be cooked on the Campfire producing Round Bread when using a Pan
  • Allows Dough to be cooked into Round Bread in the Brick Oven
  • Allows all the Rock Ore types be smelted down into nuggets in the Smelter
    • Iron
    • Gold
    • Copper
    • Tin
    • Lead
    • Silver

 It probably goes without saying this patch depends on Survivalist and BetterBeginnings.


Other Better Beginnings patches in this series


  1. Updated to reflect ID changes in Better Beginnings. 


  1. Added missing recipe for charring dough in the Smelter.
  2. Added dependency check. Better Beginnings will ignore recipes if Survivalist removed/disabled
  3. Refactored file structure and updated installation instructions.


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