Barked [Datapack Edition]

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By Legopitstop

When you strip the bark off of logs you now get an item, called bark, This item can be used as fuel (although it's not that good). You can also put it back onto the log like nothing ever happened.

Incompatible with advancement unlockers.

Senior Team


How to get bark item

To get the bark item simply strip any log, wood, stem, or hyphae blocks, you should get between 2-4 when stripping log and stem were if you strip wood or hyphae blocks you can get between 4-6 bark items.


How to reapply the bark

To reapply the bark to the stripped log simply drop 4 bark items on top of the log or stem, and 6 for stripped wood or hyphae blocks. (one bark item per stripped face.)



The bark items can also be used as a type of fuel! it's not the best as it takes 2 bark items to smelt one item.


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