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18.1K Downloads Updated Jun 13, 2019 Created Feb 28, 2019

A fully customizable essentials plugin, to help your server appear as professional as possible!

2.3M Downloads Updated Jun 26, 2019 Created Apr 17, 2015

Remove lag and improve the performance of your server significantly with this tool!

1.8M Downloads Updated Jan 11, 2018 Created Apr 2, 2012

Detect and fight the exploitation of various flaws/bugs in Minecraft!

2.9M Downloads Updated Mar 27, 2016 Created Aug 24, 2011


13.4K Downloads Updated Jun 12, 2019 Created Jan 30, 2019

A simple homes plugin for quick navigation of a world

110K Downloads Updated Jun 29, 2019 Created Feb 4, 2013

Enchant any item with whatever you want, add lore to items, rename items too! UberEnchant...

820K Downloads Updated Sep 2, 2016 Created Mar 7, 2016

Get slimefun dusts from breaking ores!

1.8M Downloads Updated Oct 18, 2016 Created Oct 6, 2011

BukkitGUI - the most downloaded GUI for bukkit and any other server

631K Downloads Updated Mar 5, 2016 Created Dec 4, 2014


595K Downloads Updated Feb 23, 2019 Created Oct 20, 2016

A great expansion for Slimefun.

600K Downloads Updated Jun 22, 2019 Created Jan 5, 2014

The one and only Troll Plugin you will ever need!

183K Downloads Updated May 9, 2019 Created Feb 28, 2014

The all in one Shop plugin, With a sexy GUI, Sleek code, and light weight...

209K Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2018 Created Jan 2, 2014

Advanced /vanish plugin which makes other players think that you're not on the server

714K Downloads Updated Nov 24, 2018 Created Nov 6, 2012

Disguise as a mob or other player

202K Downloads Updated Feb 16, 2019 Created May 1, 2014


937K Downloads Updated May 4, 2017 Created Aug 30, 2011

a feature-rich world size limiting plugin, which can also generate or trim a world to...

315K Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2019 Created Dec 29, 2013

Fully customize any mobs (and create custom mobs) with a powerful scripting skill system, attributes,...

593K Downloads Updated Feb 4, 2019 Created Jan 19, 2012

Multiverse Inventories allows you to control who and what can cross world borders!

130K Downloads Updated Jun 2, 2019 Created Oct 22, 2014

A portal plugin designed by sekwah41 to be simple to use but have all the...

1.4M Downloads Updated Jun 9, 2016 Created Sep 12, 2011

Lockette v1.4 - Simple chest and door lock, no databases!