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The main command is /wordpunishments. Aliases for this are: /wopu and /wp
Displays a help with all commands and a short description
/wp on
Activates the plugin if you disabled it by default in the config or by a command
/wp off
Disables the plugin. Enable it again with the command above.
/wp reload
Alias: /wp re
Reloads both config files. Use this if you edited one of them and don't want to restart your server to apply the changes
/wp save
Alias: /wp s
Saves the DEFAULT config and overwrites every change you made!
/wp add <word> <price>
Alias: /wp a <word> <price>
Replace <word> with your cussword. (If you want to use spaces use a underscore instead. e.g. "two words" --> "two_words")
Replace <price> with the money that the player should pay if he uses the word If you don't use the price action in the config you have to set this nevertheless. Set it to "0" in this case.
Adds a specific word to the list.
/wp remove <word>
Alias: /wp r <word>
Replace <word> with the word you want to delete or with "all" to delete all words
Deletes the specified word from the list
/wp list
Alias: /wp l
Prints a complete list with every word and price to the chat. If it's to long for the chat you could use it in the console