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Tools are completely modifieable tools that can heal other players in much the same way as regular food, except that they have the ability to wear down rather than just dissapear. As an example, you could make hitting people with a hoe heal them and slightly damage the hoe. This is an example tool:

    Wool: //Name of the tool. Requires no value.
        id: 35 //The id of the item the tool is
        type: 1 //The type. See discussion below.
        healValue: 5 //How much it heals
        damageTaken: 4 //How much damage the tool takes if it is type 2

To create a tool, using YML fomatting add a new item after the last one in the list, and give it the properties seen above.

  • id is the ID of the item in minecraft. The name does not decide the item, if you put "Apple" as the name and 1 as the id it will be stone.
  • type is the type. type 1 means that one of the item will taken at each healing/feeding. Type 2 means that the item will be damaged at each healing/feeding
  • healValue: How much the tool heals with every use.
  • damageTaken: how much damage the tool will take

Once you have added all these, reload the server or use the /wh reload command, and the tool will be active!


  • Do not put 0 as a tool id. Bad things could happen
  • Foods still work; you do not ned to use tools, they are just a convieniance.
  • Foods will be checked first, so if you make an apple tool, it will be superseeded by the apple food.
  • /wh reset will not get rid of your tools


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