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Logger Configuration

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Here are furhter informations on logger configuration.




Will create a log called "block" where event with id 1,3,9,10,11,12,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70 will be logged

To create a log, make a new line, fills it like that log_yourLogName=yourEvents

To add events to log after the '=' place id of the events. ( Examples : log_sample=5 For multiple events add some '+' log_sample2=5+6+7+8+9)

To make a suite of events use this : minID@maxID ( Example : log_sample3=51+1@10 It's equal to 51+1@10=51+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 )

To create groups of events use group_ instead of log_. You can call groups of events by writing their name with a '&' before and without the group_.


You will be able to avoid ( with permissions ) some events for some players to be logged. It will work like that :

ul.avoid.event id or group of events

To avoid to log every event due to a player grants him the permission : ul.avoid.*

Block Events

1BlockBreakEventCalled when a block is broken by a player.
2BlockBurnEventCalled when a block is destroyed as a result of being burnt by fire.
3BlockDispenseEventCalled when an item is dispensed from a block.
4BlockFadeEventCalled when a block fades, melts or disappears based on world conditions example: Snow melting.
5BlockFormEventCalled when a block is formed or spreads based on world conditions.
6BlockGrowEventCalled when a block grows naturally in the world.
7BlockIgniteEventCalled when a block is ignited.
8BlockPlaceEventCalled when a block is placed by a player.
9BlockSpreadEventCalled when a block spreads based on world conditions.
10EntityBlockFormEventCalled when a block is formed by entities.
11SignChangeEventCalled when a sign is changed by a player.
73BlockRedstoneEventCalled when a block is powered by redstone.

Chat Events & Command Events

69PlayerChatEventCalled when a player sends a message in the chat.
70PlayerCommandEventCalled when a player performs a command.

Craft Events

12BrewEventCalled when an ItemStack is succesfully brewed.
13CraftItemEventCalled when an ItemStack is successfully crafted.
14FurnaceSmeltEventCalled when an ItemStack is successfully smelted in a furnace.
15EnchantItemEventCalled when an ItemStack is successfully enchanted (currently at enchantment table)

Entity Events

16CreaturesSpawnEventCalled when a creature is spawned into a world.
17CreeperPowerEventCalled when a Creeper is struck by lightning.
18EntityBreakDoorEventCalled when an Entity breaks a door.
19EntityChangeBlockEventCalled when any Entity, excluding players, changes a block.
20EntityCombustEventCalled when an entity combusts.
21EntityCreatePortalEventThrown when a Living Entity creates a portal in a world.
22EntityDamageEventCalled when an entity is damaged.
23EntityDeathEventThrown whenever a LivingEntity ( non-player ) dies.
24EntityExplodeEventCalled when an entity explodes.
25EntityInteractEventCalled when an entity interacts with an object.
26EntityPortalEnterEventCalled when an entity comes into contact with a portal.
27EntityTameEventThrown when a LivingEntity is tamed.
28EntityTeleportEventThrown when a non-player entity (such as an Enderman) tries to teleport from one location to another.
29ExpBottleEventCalled when a ThrownExpBottle hits and releases experience.
30ExplosionPrimeEventCalled when an entity has made a decision to explode.
31FoodLevelChangeEventCalled when a human entity's food level changes.
32ItemSpawnEventCalled when an item is spawned into a world.

Inventory Events

33InventoryOpenEventCalled when a player open an inventory ( could be a chest ).
34InventoryCloseEventCalled when a player closes an inventory ( could be a chest ).
35InventoryClickEventCalled when a player transfers an item.

Player Events

36PlayerLoginEventCalled when a player try to login.
37PlayerBedEnterEventCalled when a player enters a bed.
38PlayerBedLeaveEventCalled when a player leaves a bed.
39PlayerBucketEmptyEventCalled when a player empties a bucket.
40PlayerBucketFillEventCalled when a a player fills a bucket.
41PlayerChangedWorldEventCalled when a player change of world.
42PlayerDropItemEventThrown when a player drops an item from their inventory.
43PlayerEggThrowtEventCalled when a player throws an egg and it might hatch.
44PlayerExpChangeEventCalled when a players experience changes naturally.
45PlayerGameModeChangeEventCalled when a player change of gamemode.
46PlayerItemBreakEventFired when a player's item breaks (such as a shovel or flint and steel).
47PlayerJoinEventCalled when a player joins a server
48PlayerKickEventCalled when a player gets kicked from the server.
49PlayerLevelChangeEventCalled when a player's level changes.
50PlayerPickupItemEventThrown when a player picks an item up from the ground.
51PlayerPortalEventCalled when a player is about to teleport because it is in contact with a portal.
52PlayerQuitEventCalled when a player leaves a server.
53PlayerRespawnEventCalled when a player respawn.
54PlayerTeleportEventCalled when a player is teleported.
55PlayerToggleFlightEventCalled when a player toggles their flying state.
56PlayerToggleSneaklEventCalled when a player toggles their sneaking state.
57PlayerToggleSprintEventCalled when a player toggles their sprinting state.
58PlayerDeathEventCalled when a player leaves a server.
71PlayerInteractEventCalled when a player interacts with an object or air.
72PlayerFishEventThrown when a player is fishing.

Vehicle Events

59VehicleCreateEventCalled when a vehicle is created.
60VehicleDestroyEventCalled when a vehicle is destroyed.
61VehicleEnterEventCalled when an entity enters a vehicle.
62VehicleExitEventCalled when an entity exits a vehicle.

Weather Events

63LightningStrikeEventCalled when the lightning strikes.
64ThunderChangeEventCalled when thunder start or stop.
65WeatherChangeEventCalled when rain start or stop.

World Events

66PortalCreateEventCalled when a portal is created.
67SpawnChangeEventAn event that is called when a world's spawn changes.
68StructureGrowEventEvent that is called when an organic structure attempts to grow (Sapling -> Tree), (Mushroom -> Huge Mushroom), naturally or using bonemeal.

For further information, i will be available on IRC ( soon available )


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