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Trophy Luck Modifier

Adds a luck modifier PlayerHeads or MiningTrophies drop-rates.  Example plugin for modifying drop rates using the PH and MT API.


Luck is applied to the droprate after the fact by the formula droprate*(1+luck_level*luckrate)

The default luck rate is 0.2


This is applied similar to how Looting or Fortune are applied in the respective plugins.



To apply the modifier you need one or more of the following plugins to control:

Note: you must have the required plugin versions or higher for the API event to be supported.

Configuration Settings

  • head-luck-rate sets the luck modifier rate for PlayerHeads drops
  • mining-luck-rate sets the luck modifier rate for MiningTrophies drops


Full source code is available at:


Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.
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