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Bukkit Swear Jar

What is this plugin?

SwearJar is another bad word filtering plugin that will instantly mute a person if they say a word that is on the list in the config.yml (and please configure it!). The only way to get unmuted is to pay the amount specified in the config - the default is $50.


This plugin depends on Vault, which depends on Essentials. Make sure these are installed and configured properly for your server.


  • Immediate mute of players without the swearjar.exempt permission!
  • Configurable swear list and price!
  • Players can unmute themselves... for a price.
  • Requires Vault for economy (because I'm too lazy to make my own :p).

swearjar.exempt - exempts player from the swear filter

price: 50 #How much the player pays
swears: #Swear word list
    - crap
players: #Muted players for easy manual removal
    - "noone"
Quick notes

This plugin as of now uses players display names for filtering. I'll be moving things over to UUIDS when I have the time. If this plugin fails to block a word, check your config and make sure there are no capital letters in your words - the plugin automatically changes the players message to lowercase when checking.

Source code

You can find the source code (the one .java file) here:

GitHub - SwearJar-pl


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