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Hello everyone! I recently crashed my motorcycle and have been unable to code (burns, sprained fingers)! But i am recovering and will soon revive and continue where this project was before my crash!

PingAPI not supported above 1.8.1(No custom MOTD)


Dev Build Coming Soon! - New Updates - Better Code - More Things!

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Welcome to SuperHub. This Galaxy's Finest Hub plugin. It is a powerful world|player|server manager, bundled with many popular Hub features such as DoubleJumping, Custom Items, Fun effects and other things. It allows finite control off all worlds and players, so you can create very safe and fun Hubs. Only works on spigot+bukkit 1.8. UUID support not available yet




  • Scoreboards
  • Auto-Broadcaster
  • Custom Hub Items/Gadgets/Trails/Effects/Pets/Disguises
  • Bungee Support
  • Custom Motd
  • Weather/Time Locking
  • Full Player Control(Movement/Chat/Teleportation/Pvp/All Actions)
  • Auto Updater

Plugin Language

  • Configure Plugin Prefixes(ex. [MyHub] [Hub])
  • Configure Broadcasts/say/me


  • Lag/Ram Monitoring
  • Adjust Function Ticks
  • Entity Clearing


  • First Join Message
  • Title Join Message
  • World Enter Message
  • Chat/ScoreBoard/ActionBar Broadcasts
  • Player Nicknames/Prefixes/Formatted Chat
  • /me /msg chat
  • Configure Death/Join Messages

Player Control

  • Prevent Movement, Breaking,Building,Dropping,Inventory Moving
  • Prevent Interacting,Bucket Usage,Hunger,Damage,Pvp,Chat,Commands
  • Lock Gamemodes, Change Gamemodes on World Enters
  • Control Joins,Respawns,Void Enters,Suffocation
  • Player/Console Commands on Join
  • Clear Item Drops on Death
  • Exclude IDs from restrictions(ex. Can always drop diamonds)

World Management

  • Multiple World Support
  • Prevent Ice Melting/Forming,Fire Ignite/Spread/Damage/Unigniting
  • Prevent Leaf Decay/Vine Growth/Liquid Flow
  • Prevent Explosions,Animals,Mobs
  • Lock Day/Time, Lock Rain/Clear Skies/Other
  • Ability to Import/Create/Delete/Lock Worlds

Hub Items

  • Custom Menu(execute commands,warp players,etc)
  • Player Hider
  • Bow Popper(Pop Players)
  • Kick Stick(Kick players)
  • Brawler(Pvp players)
  • InfoBook(Per world)
  • Paint Gun
  • Mob Gun
  • Item Gun
  • Player Stacker
  • Fun Menu(Gadgets/Particles/Trails/Pets/Items/Disguises)
  • Configureable Item Type,Cooldown,Inv Slot,etx
  • Configureable Item Name,Lore,Permission


  • Sounds/Effects On Commands
  • Chat as a Player
  • /hat
  • DoubleJumping/LaunchPads/PistonPad
  • SpeedBoosting/JumpBoosting

Hub Safety

  • Inventory Clearing
  • Restrict Commands
  • Lock Server
  • Block Chat/Teleportation
  • AFK Timeouts


  • /staff function
  • Informative In Game Feedback
  • In Game Command Help /superhub
  • View All World Information /sh info
  • View Server Info /superinfo
  • /huball & /hubone
  • /superkick
  • Overriden Commands
  • Apocalypse Weather Mode
  • Set Walk and Fly Speeds
  • Other things I'm forgetting!!



Repositories take a while to update my new plugin version, so the auto updater will auto-downgrade usually when my update first comes out. Note that you will get an older version, so either disable it in the config or delete the auto update every time you restart the server. This bug goes away within a few hours



  • PingAPI not supported above version 1.8.1
  • A corrupted config.yml will reset the config.yml
  • Don't manually "corrupt" the config.yml
  • Sometimes Player Names are not found during toggles
  • Sometimes Custom Items don't update properly
  • Pets/Disguises not fully tested



This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system. The following information is collected and sent to unless opted out:

  • A unique identifier
  • The server's version of Java
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • Plugin's version
  • Server's version OS version/name and architecture
  • Core count for the CPU
  • Number of players online
  • Metrics version
  • Which Chat, Economy, and Permission hook is in use.

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true. View the stats Here



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