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SpamAll is a simple plugin that allows you to make everyone send a message in the chat.


All you have to do is just type /spamall with your own message and that's it.

/spamall Download me!


If you don't want somebody to spam, you can exclude the player. But it's also possible to bypass it just by adding a special tag in the message.

Excluded? Doesn't matter now.


The plugin is almost fully translatable, so you can translate it into your language.









# Allows a player to use /spamall command.
- spamall.spam

# Allows a player to use -noexception tag.
- spamall.spam.noexception

# Allows a player to see who used /spamall command.
- spamall.spam.whoused

# Excludes a player from spamming.
- spamall.exempt

# Allows a player to reload config.
- spamall.reload



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This plugin is using bStats.

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