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Commands, Usage and Permissions

_________ Command: /playertime [day/night/dawn/dusk/reset]

Sets the client's time.

  • Alias: /ptime
  • Permission: "simplicity.ptime"

_________ Command: weather [sunny/sun/stormy/storm] [world]

Sets the weather in the world.

  • Permission: ""

_________ Command: /stopserver

Gracefully stop the server and save the world, kicking each player with a friendly message. If someone with this permission called the server shutdown then it will be logged in the console window.

  • Permission: "simplicity.stopserver"

_________ Command: /weather [0/1/2/survival/creative/adventure] [player]

Change the gamemode of yourself or another player. Leave player blank to change your own gamemode.

  • Alias: /gm
  • Permission: "simplicity.gamemode"

_________ Command: /kill [player]

Kills another player. Leave blank to kill yourself.

  • Permission: "simplicity.kill.other" to kill another player, otherwise no permissions are required.

_________ Command: /simplicity [info/worldinfo]

Displays info about Simplicity or the loaded worlds.

  • Alias: /simp
  • Permission: ""


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