SimpleSpawn Reborn

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Filename SimpleSpawn.jar
Uploaded by EllitopiaGaming
Uploaded Nov 23, 2012
Game Version CB 1.4.5-R0.2
Size 79.30 KB
Downloads 1,988
MD5 bf5648325d8b450735a8ccd2b07024c3
Supported Bukkit Versions
CB 1.4.5-R0.2
CB 1.4.2-R0.2
CB 1.3.2-R3.0


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Added: /back now work after death
Fixed: /back didn't always work after /home or /work


Added: /back to point of death
Tweak: Forced half-second delay on teleport for performance


Added: simplespawn.back default permission (set to operator to correspond with bukkit.command.teleport)
BugFix: initialized location to null for respawn (might causing the respawn errors) Added: clearer logging for respawn/join event


Added: /back command
Added: simplespawn.back permission

new cool logging feature to enhance troubleshooting, simply set loglevel: ... oin config.yml
no real new realfeatures in this minor anhancement
BigFix: permission
BigFix: configuration fix for tpEffect


Added: TeleportSoundEffects to choose
BugFix: Sound is disabled when used with cb1.3.1
BugFix: Teleport is not possible when in Jail