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SignTP is a very unique sign-teleport plugin. Unlike others of its category, this plugin offers unlimited custom sign prefixes, instead of the default blue [Warp] tag. It also offers a few more aspects of configuration, such as customizing the name of the plugin that's displayed in chat for players, the message that players receive when they're teleported and the ability to toggle that message, and the ability to toggle economic transactions.

Like most other economy-related plugins, SignTP uses Vault. All you have to do is install both Vault and an economy-management plugin, such as iConomy, or Essentials, and you're ready to go! (But you don't have to if you don't want to. :) )



  • Unlimited custom sign prefixes.
  • Economy support.
  • Custom currency tags, including entire words and phrases. This means you can use things like "waffles", and "costs this much".
    • You can also position the tag(s) wherever you want on the price line: before the numbers, after them, both sides, or just anywhere. If you set it to something other than 'anywhere', the plugin will automatically correct your improperly formatted prices if you get it wrong.
  • Custom chat features.
  • Color code support.
  • Well-tested safety features.
  • Easy-to-use permission nodes.
  • Overall simplicity.


  • Step 1: Place a sign to edit.
  • Step 2: On the first line, enter one of the prefixes that you would see in the "signPrefixes" setting in your config file, with or without color codes. This will register the sign to the plugin as a teleport sign.
  • Step 3: On the second line of your sign, enter the name of an existing signwarp in your "warps" directory. Use /SignTP List for a list of warps.
  • Step 4: If you would like to, you may enter a one-line description of your warp, or any other text for that matter; SignTP doesn't even read the third line.
  • Step 5: On the fourth line of the sign, you may take one of two options.
    • 1: If economy is enabled in your config file, you may put a price on this line, which will charge players the specified amount of in-game money to use the sign.
    • 2: Whether economy is enabled or disabled in your config file, you may put more text on this line, just as you did with line 3.
  • Step 6: Use your new teleport sign to travel to a beautiful flower biome (if you want to).

Don't worry about getting any of this wrong. SignTP has various safety-check features that will tell you what you did wrong and how to fix it.


/SignTP - Base command. Shows a help menu if used by itself.

/SignTP Help <Page> - Show the help menu or another page in it. Page number input is optional; without it, you will pull up the first page.

/SignTP Reload - Reload the config and the warps.

/SignTP Setwarp <Warp Name> - Set a signwarp to your location.

/SignTP Delwarp <Warp Name> - Delete a warp.

/SignTP List - List all signwarps.

/SignTP Warp <WarpName> [Player] - Teleport yourself or another player to a signwarp without needing to use a sign.


All permissions default to OP.

signtp.* - Grants access to all of SignTP.

signtp.main - Grants access to the base /SignTP command, which is the help menu. Any other command permission automatically grants access to this; for example: granting access to "signtp.setwarp" will grant access to this permission.

signtp.create - Allows a player to create a SignTP teleport sign. Note that if you have color codes in your sign prefix setting, players who have access to using color codes on signs will not be able to create their own SignTP sign without the "signtp.create" permission. The line of the sign will simply be turned back to black text if they try.

signtp.use - Allows players to use SignTP signs.

signtp.setwarp - Grants access to the /SignTP Setwarp <Warp Name> command to set a signwarp.

signtp.delwarp - Grants access to the /SignTP Delwarp <Warp Name> command to delete a warp.

signtp.warp - Grants access to the /SignTP Warp <Warp Name> command to teleport to signwarp locations.

signtp.warp.other - Grants access to /SignTP Warp <Warp Name> [Player] to teleport other players to signwarp locations.

signtp.list - Grants access to the /SignTP list command to list all of the signwarp names.

signtp.reload - Grants access to the /SignTP Reload command to reload the plugin's config and warps.