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SignCopy will let you do exactly what it says in the title, copy signs! When you enter SignCopy mode, left click on a sign with a specified tool (default is a stick). Then, with the same tool, right click on a block. Your sign will then be copied to that position, with the exact same text and direction.

Source Code


  • Copies signs from one place to another. Maintains sign direction and text.
  • Only copies if the user has a sign in their inventory - removes sign from inventory once copied.
  • Sign to sign copy and paste - no sign needed.
  • Supports both wall signs and sign posts.


These permissions will work only with Bukkit SuperPerms. Make sure your using a permissions plugin that can do this or the default Bukkit permissions.yml.

  • - Enables / disables SignCopy mode.
  • - Reloads SignCopy.


  • /signcopy - Enables / disables SignCopy mode.
    • /sc - An alias of /signcopy.
  • /signreload - Reloads SignCopy.
    • /sr - An alias of /signreload.


# Be sure to use /sr if you change any settings here while the server is running.
toolID: 280
  • toolID - This specifies what tool that will be used for copying and pasting.


Please report any suggestions or bugs you find on the Tickets Page.


ChrizC is the original author of this plugin. I have only updated it to bring it back to life.