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Filename ShipsBukkit.jar
Uploaded by mosemister
Uploaded Sep 17, 2019
Game Version 1.14
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MD5 164398db30b19e5a8246f15bf01ef810
Supported Bukkit Versions


Ships Alpha 2.7

  1. Prepared more for Sponge edition of Ships (Ships -s
  2. Fixed a bug where typing '/ships shiptype create' would crash ships
  3. Fixed a issue where ships would spam the console with debug messages

Ships Alpha 2.6

  1. Fixed a bug where some blocks would not rotate
  2. Fixed a bug where some entities would not move on ship movement
  3. Added enhancements if Paper is used instead of Spigot
  4. Changed a lot of the CoreForBukkit compatibility layer
  • Fixed a issue with DroppedItemSnapshot so it will now accept data
  • Fixed a issue with DroppedItemSnapshot so it will spawn
  • Fixed a issue with ItemFrameSnapshot so it will now accept data
  • Fixed a issue with CowSnapshot so it will now accept data
  • Fixed a issue with CowSnapshot so it will now spawn a cow
  • Fixed a issue with BatSnapshot so it will now accept data
  • Fixed a issue with BatSnapshot so it will now spawn a bat
  • Fixed a issue where attempting to get a LiveEntity from a Bukkit Entity would return null if the bukkit entity was not supported
  • Fixed a issue where PlayerInventory would throw IndexOutOfRangeException if a snapshot was created
  • Moved BlockGroups to separate different Minecraft versions
  • Updated events 
  • Passengers are now supported by core (not yet by Ships though) 


Ships Alpha 2.5

  1. Fixed a issue where players would not move with the ship if the player was standing on the first step of stairs or a slab
  2. Ships will now attempt to convert Ships 5 airship vessel data
  3. Fixed a bug where using the altitude sign would crash ships if boss bar (progress bar) was not visible
  4. Fixed a formatting issue with the initial message
  5. Added new CrewPermission "member" (ability to move the ship, but not destroy the ships license sign nor use commands involving the ship
  6. Cleaned up code

Ships Alpha 2.4

  1. Fixed a bug where an error would occur when tab completing delayunit config command
  2. Fixed a bug where Ships would not be able to load, due to "maybe async"
  3. Fixed a bug where requesting to move even if the ship is still moving would be accepted

Ships Alpha 2.3.1

  1. Fixed a bug where Ships would crash if the ships structure exceeded the track limit and the progress bar was enabled
  2. Fixed a bug where enabling ticks though the ships config command on a delayunit would crash ships
  3. Fixed a bug where viewing a delayunit with ticks on though the command would crash ships

Ships Alpha 2.3

  1. Fixed a bug where the progress bar for movement would be either completely empty or completely full
  2. Fixed a bug where moving with the altitude sign or eot sign would show the progress bar even with it disabled
  3. Fixed a memory leak that would occur if Ships six Block Finder was enabled
  4. Fixed a bug where Ships Six movement algorithm would remove the ship and take a long time to respawn the ship in the new position
  5. Fixed a bug where if the server had a large ship, it would not fully boot the server
  6. Corrected the suggested text of to Boss.Bar.Visible
  7. Added config option to disable automatic structure updates (manual rescanning is still enabled) - This is like the structure updating in old alphas of Ships 6
  8. Added the ability to fine tune both Ships 6 movement and block finding algorithms, including the time between each stack and the size of the stack

Ships Alpha 2.2

  1. Fixed a bug where Ships would crash if custom ship types were attempted to be created on Windows OS
  2. Fixed a bug where '/ships shiptype' command with no arguments would crash Ships
  3. Fixed a bug where submarine could surface further then the waters surface
  4. Fixed a bug where Airships created underwater would cause a air pool
  5. Updated the BlockList file to include Kelp as ignore
  6. Added the ability to test the new command system (off by default)
  7. Marsship is now cloneable
  8. Removed spam console messages

Ships Alpha 2.1

  1. Fixed a bug where the bar would not disappear after detecting collision
  2. Config option to disable/enable the bar
  3. Attempted to fix a issue with pistons

Ships Alpha 2.0

  1. Ships now can handle larger ships (must be using both Ships 6 blockfinder and movement)
  2. Custom ships can now be created
  3. added command /ships shiptype create
  4. More error message now give more detail on whats going wrong
  5. Ships config command now works with tab completion and suggestions
  6. Added progress bar when ship is moving

Changes from previous Alpha versions

  1. Added API events for Ships movement and Ships structure update
  2. Added Ship Type config to Submarine
  3. Added the ability for Submarine VesselData files to be stored and read
  4. Added Marsship
  5. Increased loading speed for moving
  6. exposed track limit from Ships 5 to move large ships
  7. Prevented other users from moving your ship (This can be changed in crew options)
  8. Prevented other users from destroying your ships license sign (This can be changed in crew options)
  9. Added Crew command
  10. Added config command
  11. Added Ships 6 block detection algorithm (not on by default. Can be activated using config command)
  12. Updated default blocklist to add over 200 more blocks
  13. Added submarines
  14. Made it simpler for developers to work on Ships
  15. License sign now no longer break due to explosions
  16. Wildcard * will now work with permissions
  17. Ships structures will automatically update on sign click
  18. Fallable ships (if requirements are not met such as out of fuel or not enough wool anymore (such as it being blown off by an attacking ship) then the ship will fall)
  19. Added minecraft:fire block into the attachable flagged list
  20. Added command 'ships blockinfo '
  21. Added new BlockPriority of DIRECTIONAL
  22. Added new command ('/ships ship ')
  23. Added support for 1.14
  24. Added permission 'ships.make.airship'
  25. Added '/ships ship track' command
  26. Activated Wheel sign
  27. Added Watership type
  28. Added banner support for both wall and free standing
  29. added ability to run Left and Right clicks on signs
  30. added speed to "move" sign
  31. added the ability to select "decrease" on "altitude" sign
  32. implemented "Classic Zombie" into the compatibility layer
  33. implemented a fail safe for blocks with Inventories so all blocks will keep their inventories on move
  34. Minecraft 1.13.2 Support
  35. Compatibility layer between Sponge and Bukkit API's