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Default config:

  # Tax rate in percent
  tax: 5.0
  # Tax sales or withdrawals?
  sales-tax: true
  # Whether or not the buyer will pay the sales tax (only used if 'sales-tax' is enabled)
  is-buyer-responsible: true
  # Username of the owner (All taxes go to this player)
  owner: meta1203
  # Value of single Bitcoin
  multiplier: 4.0
  # Name of the in-game currency
  currency-name: 'MTC'
  # How much in-game currency is require to withdraw to Bitcoin.
  min-withdraw: 0
  # Transaction Confirmations required for crediting player?
  confirms: 2
  # How often (in seconds) to check for pending confirmations?
  check-interval: 60
  # Enable testnet blockchain
  testnet: false
  # How often to do a total system check? (Hours or -1 to disable)
  delay: -1
  # Do a total system check on startup?
  startup: false

Plugin related:
Tax: Sales tax rate in percent. Example: 5% tax of $100 is $5. Tax is percent, not a decimal!
Is Buyer Responsible: Who pays the sales tax, the buyer (true) or the seller (false)

Owner: Username of the owner. Will send tax to a nonexistent player! Double check this value!
Multiplier: How much one Bitcoin is worth in-game

Bitcoin related:
Confirmations: How many confirmations you want before funds are added to a players account (recommended 1-6)
Check Interval: How often you want to check for confirmations (in seconds). Higher value = Less server stress and slower fund adding time.


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