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SalvageSmelter allows you to smelt down tools and armor made of iron, gold or diamond into raw materials. the quantity of materials returned is dependent on the durability of the item being smelted, for example iron boots at 50% durability would return 2 Iron ingots. At 49% durability they would return 1 iron ingot. Gold tools can yield nuggets instead of ingots to allow for more accuracy in determining the value of an item, and any item not worth at least 1 of it's raw materials will produce a piece of charcoal.


  • [NEW] Optional sign-based permissions. when require-signs: true in the config.yml furnaces will require [SALVAGE] signs on them.
  • Automatic updates!
  • Configurable Recipes
  • Smelt iron, gold and diamond armor, as well as tools. enchanted, named or damaged, doesn't matter.
  • works great with hoppers!


  • /salvagesmelter reload - reload the configuration
  • /salvagesmelter debug - toggles debug mode on/off


  • salvagesmelter.admin - allows access to the /salvagesmelter command.
  • salvagesmelter.createsign - allows players to create [SALVAGE] signs.


Для русскоязычных пользователей видео от Rissman

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