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This plugin will keep track of the current Minecraft in-game date. You can post the date on signs and see the current date with a command. The weekday names, month names, and number of days in each month are completely customizable. By default, it uses real-life month names and weekday names, however, it is intended to be changed to fit in your world.


In general, this plugin just works. At the beginning of each day, the new day is announced (this can be configured). It's also possible to use the /today command to see the same announcement at any time. Using the command requires the rpcal.today permission, which everyone should have by default.

It is also possible to place signs that will update whenever the day changes. The rpcal.createsign is required to create signs. To do this, simply put the text [cal] anywhere in the sign text, then use the formatting codes below to specify how the sign should appear. For example, the sign lines might look like this:

%m %d

Keep in mind there is a 15 character limit on each line, so be sure everything will fit properly.

There are two other commands available:

  • /rpcal reload - Reloads the plugin from the config file
  • /rpcal advance - Manually advance the calendar by one day

Both of these commands require the rpcal.admin permission node.


When the plugin first runs it will create a config.yml file in its plugin folder. These are the options that can be modified.

datestrThe string used to format the date announcement (see formatting info below)
dayannounceWhether to announce the date at the beginning of the day
monthnamesThe names of the months, separated by commas
monthdaysThe number of days in each month, corresponding to the name list
weekdaysThe names of the days of the week, separated by commas
yearoffsetThe year to begin with
yeartagThe text to put after the year (the epoch name)
worldThe world to watch the day cycle
daychangeoffsetWhen the day should change, offset by hours from morning (hour 0 is roughly 8am)
timecheckintervalHow often the plugin checks the current time to see if it is a new day, in server ticks
ignorebigchangesWhether the plugin should ignore big jumps in time, such as those caused by other plugins' time changes


The following codes can be used in both the announcement string and in sign text:

  • %d = Day of month
  • %m = Name of month
  • %w = Weekday name
  • %y = Year


rpcal.todayAllows the player to use the /today command.everyone
rpcal.createsignAllows the player to create a calendar sign.op only
rpcal.adminAllows the player to use the /rpcal command.op only

Change Log

Version 1.0

  • First BukkitDev release

See this thread on the Bukkit forums for the previous version of this plugin: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/rpg-info-minecal-an-in-game-calendar-system.14164/