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RandomItems is a plugin and an API which make easy to drop or give to players a random item or even send a command from a pool of items depending on the weight associated with those items.

To determine the right item depending on its weight, I've ported WeightedSelector.NET to java which makes this plugin one of the best random item selectors.

  • /RandomItems create <name> : Create a new random items list
  • /RandomItems delete <name> [delay] : Delete a random items list
  • /RandomItems add <name> <weight> [Description] : Add item in hand to the list
  • /RandomItems addc <name> <command> <weight> [Description] [delay] : Add command to the list (You can use {PLAYER} as placeholder in the command)
  • /RandomItems give <name> [player] : Give an item from the random list
  • /RandomItems giveall <name> : Give an item to all players
  • /RandomItems spawn <name> <world> [x] [y] [z] : Spawn an item to location
  • /RandomItems list [name] : List random list or items
  • /RandomItems reload : Reload RandomItems
  • /RandomItems help : Display help
  • random.items.admin : Give all access, default to OP
  • random.items.create : Create random list
To display the items name in your language, you can use Language Utils
Be aware, that you have to choose this right version depending on your server version. Then just change the locale value in config.yml

All the messages sent by RandomItems are configurable in the message.yml file. You can also create your own message file and change it in the config file. Feel free to send me any translation and I'll add it into RandomItems.

The plugin use metrics and an integrated updater.
Both can be disable in config.yml

Tab completion:
All commands have a full tab completion with a detailed help.

As it is designed as an API, you can add RandomItems to your plugin using maven
           <url>" rel="nofollow">https://raw.github.com/hexosse/maven-repo/master/&lt;/url&gt;
The API can be found in RandomItemsApi class.