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Using multiple plugins to handle PvP? Don't want to use yet another plugin just for that one feature? Or even simply looking for an updated Combat Log plugin with great performance?

PvPManager is an all in one PvP combat plugin. Meaning that it combines most plugins that control the PvP experience in your server to just one.
There are certainly some features that are better covered by a dedicated separate plugin. Still, PvPManager will try to cover most of those even if in a more superficial way, while always maintaining good performance in mind.
More suggestions are always welcome, although new features are usually added to the premium version first.
All the features can be enabled/disabled according to your liking and have no performance impact when disabled.

Supports servers running Spigot / Paper / Folia

Supports PlaceholderAPI - List of placeholders or /papi info pvpmanager



  • Prevent PvP Log with various punishments
  • Toggle PvP with commands
  • Disables Fly/GameMode/Disguises/Invisibility when entering combat
  • Newbie Protection (New players are protected when they join)
  • Auto Soup (Soup is instantly consumed and heals player)
  • Anti Border Hopping (Players can't run to safe zones while tagged)
  • Anti Kill Abuse (Killing the same player several times can be stopped)
  • Respawn Protection

Other Features

  • Blood animation on hit
  • Block placing lava/fire near players with PvP disabled
  • Block Commands and Enderpearls while in combat
  • Block Placing blocks while in combat
  • Detects Auto Disconnect hack and still punishes the player
  • Transfer a player's drops directly to his killer
  • Can be disabled in specific worlds
  • Everything is configurable including messages



Player Commands (Usually, up to you if you want them to use others)
/pvp [player] - Toggles PvP
/pvpstatus - Check your PvP status
/pvptag - Check time left until out of combat
/newbie [disable] - Check time left as newbie or disable protection
Admin Commands
/pvplist <offline> - List the PvP state of all online or offline players
/pvpinfo [player] - Shows info about you or other player
/pvpstatus [player] - Check yours or other player PvP status
/pvpoverride - Allows player to attack anywhere
/newbie [add/checktime/remove] - Add/remove newbie protection or check time left
/pvptag [player] [seconds] - Combat tags a player
/untag [player] - Untags a player
/pvpglobal <on|off> - Toggle PvP for the whole server
/announce - Mainly to be used in the config, can broadcast messages without any prefix
/pmr - Shows PvPManager help page
/pmr cleanup- Clean players from database
/pmr locale- Change your message file to another language
/pmr reload - Reloads PvPManager
/pmr worlds - Clickable menu to manage world PvP
/pmr update - Update PvPManager to latest version


  • /pvp - /toggle or /pvptoggle
  • /pmr - /pvpmanager or /pvpm

To see all permissions check the Full List


You can customize the ingame PvPManager messages by editing the file "messages.properties". Change locale to your own language in config.yml or edit the default messages file, it supports color codes (&1, &2, etc) and hex color codes.
You can help translate to your language here: Crowdin


  • PvPManager has an auto updater, it's optional and possible to disable by going to /plugins/PvPManager/config.yml and opt-out under the 'Update Check' section
  • If you find a bug, please create a ticket so it can be fixed
  • Do you want a similar plugin but directed to PvE? Try my other plugin PvEManager
  • Looking for the old PvPTimer feature? Here it is: PvPCycle



Donate Paypal
If you appreciate my work and/or make profit from your server, donations are welcome!


PvPManager Premium

If you have been using PvPManager for a long time you probably know how much it changed since earlier versions, it was the first plugin i ever released on bukkit, many years ago.
I really appreciate it if you have been using my plugin over the years, even if there were times where I was less active. If you wish to support my work, there is a premium version of PvPManager. Think of it as a fork of this version but with improved performance and some extra features and improvements.
If you don't make a profit from your server, the free version is not abandoned and will keep receiving updates but don't hesitate to throw me a nice review, it means a lot more than you think!
Note: You might need to register on Spigot to see the premium resource!


Since 02/10/2019 (Started tracking on v3.5)

Please create a ticket if you find any bug or have a suggestion. Thank you.