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Add a little Aperture Science to your Minecraft server with this mod which allows players to bounce on the Repulsion Gel and accelerate on the Propulsion Gel.

For a brilliant video showcasing this mod and showing you how not to be co-ordinated, click here.


  • Causes the player to "bounce" when landing on a blue wool block.
  • Causes the player accelerate in the direction they are looking at when over an orange wool block.
  • Boots which prevent any fall damage.
  • Able to have both normal and gel blocks.

How to use:

  • To place a gel block:
    • Type the command: /gelplacement on
    • This will cause every blue or orange wool block be a gel block.
    • Once done placing the gel, type the command: /gelplacement off
  • Repulsion Gel:
    • Place a blue wool block down where you intend to land.
    • Jump onto it from (at least) a height of 1-11 blocks.
    • Find a safe place to land after the bounce (e.g. not lava).
  • Propulsion Gel:
    • Place orange blocks where you want to accelerate.
    • Walk over it.
    • Zoom!
  • Portal boots:
    • Wear iron boots.
    • Enable or disable their effect with the command: /portalboots <on|off>

NOTE: Falling onto the gel from any height above 11 blocks will result in being launched only 11 blocks back into the air. But due to a bug, some heights above 11 don't seem to work (e.g. 12 and 17 blocks high)

ANOTHER NOTE: Repulsion gel does not work in creative mode

Check out my main site here or download the source code here.

For an instructional video demo, click here.