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PointRun is a minigame that is like TNTRun, but with a slightly changed mechanics and win conditions.
Players start and every block that they step on dissapears, some block types give you points. When player falls he is moved to spectators. The player with most points wins.
Diamond ore - 6 points
Emerald ore - 5 points
Redstone ore - 4 points
Iron ore - 3 points
Gold ore - 2 points
Lapis ore - 1 point.


  • Multiple arenas
  • Block destroy delay
  • AntiCamping system
  • Custom messages
  • Formatting codes support
  • Signs
  • Time limit
  • Automatic arena regeneration
  • Arena leave checker
  • Player rewards

Game commands:
/pr list - list all arenas
/pr join {arena} - join arena (can be disallowed by giving player pointrun.onlysignjoin permission)
/pr leave - leave current arena
/pr vote - vote for current arena start
/pr lobby - teleport to lobby

Arena setup commands:
Permssion: pointrun.setup
Main setup commands
Use worldedit for selections, built-in slection system is broken for now.
Build gamelevel blocks yourself, anything under player feet breaks.
/prsetup create {arena} - create {arenaname}
/prsetup setarena {arena} - set bounds of the arena (if player leaves arena bounds while in game, he automatically loses)
/prsetup setloselevel {arena} - set looselevel bounds
/prsetup setspawn {arena} - set players spawnpoint at location you are standing at.
/prsetup setspectate {arena} - set spectators spawnpoint at location you are standing at.
/prsetup finish {arena} - finish arena creation and save it.
Additional setup commands
/prsetup setgameleveldestroydelay {arena} {ticks} - add a delay before gamelevel block is destoyed after player stepped on it. (default: 2)
/prsetup setmaxplayers {arena} {player} - set max players for this arena (default: 6)
/prsetup setminplayers {arena} {players} - set min players for this arena (default: 2)
/prsetup setvotepercent {arena} {0<votepercent<1} - set the percent of votes requered to start the game for this arena (default: 0.75)
/prsetup settimelimit {arena} {seconds} - set the time limit for arena.
/prsetup setcountdown {arena} {seconds} - set countdown time for arena
/prsetup setitemsrewards {arena} - sets everithing what you have in your inventory as a reward for winning
/prsetup setmoneyrewards {arena} {amount} - sets money rewards (vault is required for this)
/prsetup setteleport {arena} {previous/lobby} - teleports player to pre-join or to lobby location after player lose
/prsetup setdamage {arena} {on/off/zero} - sets pvp state in the arena (on - full damage, zero - zero damage, off - no attack at all)
/prsetup reloadbars - reload configbars.yml
/prsetup reloadmsg - reload configmsg.yml
Arena managment commands
/prsetup enable {arena} - enable the arena
/prsetup disable {arena} - disable the arena
/prsetup delete {arena} - delete arena

Permission to set lobby: pointrun.setup
/prsetup setlobby - sets a lobby at your location

Permission to create signs: pointrun.setup
Join sign format:
1st line: [PointRun]
2nd line: [Join]
3rd line: arenaname
Leave sign format:
1st line: [PointRun]
2nd line: [Leave]
Vote sign format:
1st line: [PointRun]
2nd line: [Vote]

You can use worldedit for selections instead of built-in selection.
Install BarAPI to get awesome bars while in game.

Downloads area and source code:

source code
Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.