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Filename PlayerStatus.jar
Uploaded by zachboracurse
Uploaded Jan 9, 2013
Game Version CB 1.5.2-R0.1   +1
Size 32.42 KB
Downloads 2,575
MD5 5fd8d6fd768b40452165677d93531640


Version 2.9.3

  • Made some fixes to persistence of mute and the other commands. Everything is reset on server restart though.

Version 2.9

  • Changed event to AsyncPlayerChatEvent

Version 2.8

  • Removed support for non-SuperPerms permission. In theory should work with bPermissions, PEX and a few others. Permission2/3 don't work anymore anyway.

Version 2.7

  • Updated to make compatible with CB 1.1-R5

Version 2.6

  • Added PermissionsEx support.

Version 2.5

  • Allow people to Enable or Disable custom Login and Logout messages. Please note that with these disabled, players with /nochat will see the login and logout messages.
  • Placed the colors in the captions. Colors can now be customized.
  • Added randomization to Login and Logout messages. The default configuration files contain quotes, try to find what they refer to!

Version 2.4

  • Setup new configuration from 1317

Version 2.3

  • Reworked the way configuration files work. There is now a main configuration file (config.yml) to store the language and cooldown settings and other configuration file for captions based on the language.
  • Added /playerstatuslang to change the language used in-game.
  • Added /moderate command to mute everyone except people with the PlayerStatus.moderate permission
  • Fixed /r to allow to reply to whispers
  • Display a message when someone muted tried to use /me
  • Added a cooldown to disable /DND and another cooldown to enable /AFK and /DND.
  • Remove /AFK if the player speaks (doesn't remove if player whispers).

Version 2.2

  • Replaced names displayed for the Name instead of the Displayname. (getDisplayName() -> getName()).
  • Removed Played slain messages. Need to set a config for this.

Version 2.1

  • Fixed /nochat and /ignore.

Version 2.0

  • Major code rewritten, thus version change. About 95% of the code was altered.
  • Added /ignore and /ignorelist
  • Added /mute
  • /nochat now hides login, logout and messages from players going Afk or Dnd
  • If a player with /op whispers a player with /nomsg, the whisper will still go through.
  • Made every messages configurable! Every text is now in the config.yml and can be edited to your own server language.
  • Added configuration for the caption of AFK and DND.
  • Added configuration for the displayed text when a player joins and leaves the game.

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