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Filename MyChunk.jar
Uploaded by ellbristow
Uploaded Jul 18, 2014
Game Version CB 1.7.9-R0.1
Size 289.27 KB
Downloads 2,100
MD5 b069966512ec2f948dc12678ee643555
Supported Bukkit Versions
CB 1.7.9-R0.1


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Added: First stage of GANG support (like factions)
Added: Gang commands
Added: Chat formatting for prefixes and gang tags
Added: Support and config options for MySQL and SQLite
Fixed: Chunks now cannot be claimed in disabled worlds
Fixed: Server chunks DO work in disabled worlds
Fixed: Localisation strings are now (i think) complete
Fixed: Better support for item frame and painting protection
Fixed: A few performance issues and small bugs


Added: New commands to replace signs if preferred (Claim, Unclaim, Allow etc)
Added: Command aliases (/chunk and /mc)
Added: Animal (Horse) protection ("A" Flag)
Added: Cake protection ("S" Flag)
Added: Towny clash check
Added: Lots more Localization strings. (I hope I got them all this time)
Fixed: Server and Public chunks givin unclaim refunds to admins
Fixed: Some other bugs that we annoying me
Tweak: Tweaked command handling system to prepare for big 2.5.0 update


Added: New permission group


Added: New /mychunk help command
Added: New /mychunk world command for per-world activation of mychunk
Added: Lots more localisation strings
Fixed: SEVERE on claim related to allowPVP
Fixed: Unclaim refunds being calculated based on wrong chunk count
Fixed: Public chunks preventing entry
Tweak: Server and Public chunks are now ALWAYS free, even when user cannot claim free chunks
Tweak: mychunk.* now gives mychunk.allowPVP
Tweak: Massive command rewrite ready for new commands and features
Tweak: /mychunk command layout changed


Ready for this?
Added: Optional Mob Griefing protection in the wilderness

Protects against creeper explosions, enderman theft and zombies bashing doors

Added: Per-Chunk PVP Protection

User [AllowPVP] on/off sign in each chunk

Added: Notifications re allowing PVP and mob spawning when entering chunks
Added: Global PVP protection option

Can be overridden by chunk setting

Added: Optional and configurable ramped chunk pricing

Chunks get more expensive as you claim more

Added: Chunk entry protection

Stop users entering your claimed chunks
Uses chunk flag "E"

Added: /mychunk info command to show coords of your chunks

Includes ability to check other players chunk locations
This command is buggy... I'm looking into it

Added: ChunkForSaleEvent fired when "For Sale" status changes

Intended for the next version of DynmapMyChunk

Added: Protection for all 1.5 blocks

Includes droppers, hoppers, comparators etc

Tweak: [for sale] and [not for sale] signs can now be used without spaces if preferred

Fixed: Unclaim refunds being miscalculated
Fixed: Inability to claim a chunk next to your own for a neighbour when allow neighbours is off

This could be used for basic town creation (one person starts then claims for others in the adjacent chunks)

Fixed: "Player Not Found!" when using /purgep on a player that is online for the first time.
Fixed: Some other minor bugs


Added: Public Chunks! (Players can build/destroy etc in these chunks, but cannot claim them as their own, useful when using Protect Unclaimed)
Added: Unclaim Refund Percentage
Added: "First Chunk Free"
Added: Factions checker so players can't claim chunks already owned by a faction and vice versa


Added: Custom events MyChunkClaimEvent and MyChunkUnclaimEvent... for use with a new plugin coming soon! :)
Fixed: Overbuy not working when using [Claim] signs


Added: Protection for changing redstone repeaters (Under "B" flag)
Added: Toggleable option to disable owners receiving protection messages
Fixed: /mychunk giving incorrect "Total Claimed Chunks" figure
Fixed: Neighbour claims not being allowed despite config saying it should be
Fixed: Spawn eggs not working in claimed chunks


Fixed: ItemFrames breaking on explosion in protected chunks
Fixed: Grass not spreading in claimed chunks
Fixed: Some more WorldGuard clashes
Fixed: AllowMobs being set to ON by default when claiming chunks
Tweak: Event priority moved to HIGH to help with interaction with other plugins


Changed: Listener structure and methods to improve performance
Tweak: All listeners no use HIGH priority to attempt to fix some interaction issues with other plugins
Added: Javadoc comments for API!
Added: Static functions for API purposes
Added: [Allow*] and [Disallow*] signs to give/take one player flags for ALL your currently owned chunks
Added: [UnclaimArea] signs
Fixed: Some minor bugs


Fixed: Allowing TNT damage in unclaimed chunks when using ProtectUnclaimed


Fixed: Being charged for claiming server chunks using [claimarea]
Fixed: Broker signs losing their text when stopped by MyChunk
Fixed: Another minor bug to do with [Allow] *


Fixed: not being allowed to [allow] yourself in server chunks
Fixed: [Allow] everyone ONE flag giving ALL flags to everyone


Added: New config option "prevent_tnt_in_unclaimed" which can be set to false to allow TNT when "Protect Unclaimed" is ON Fixed: Occasional SQL retrieve error when getting chunk info
Fixed: (hopefully) MyChunk taking dominance over WorldGuard regions


Added: mychunk.server.signs permission to allow using [for sale] [allow] etc in server chunks
Fixed: [Allow] and [Disallow] signs where setting perms for "Everyone" or *
Fixed: overbuy_price not saving when set in config.yml


Fixed: ItemFrames being unplaceable in some circumstances (Thanks Fronix/Stuntweed)


NOTE This is a prerelease version. It will "technically" remain in beta until bukkit release a 1.4 RB
BIG (massive in fact) CHANGE: MyChunk now uses an SQLite database to store chunk data. This will hopefully reduce the lag experienced by some servers
Added: Crop trample protection
Added: (It's back) Protection against water and lava flowing into your chunk (as well as Dragon Eggs teleporting in)
Fixed: Streamlined some events to reduce lag


NOTE This is a prerelease version. It will "technically" remain in beta until bukkit release a 1.4 RB
Fixed: mychunk.override not working in some situations
Fixed: Some NPE errors in the Nether/End

1.3.0 BETA

Beta 5

Fixed: Slimes bypass AllowMobs
Fixed: not working when claiming for others
Fixed: protect_unclaimed not saving (stupid typo)

Beta 4

Fixed: Reduced lag on player join and quit, especially for servers NOT using claim expiry
Fixed: Setting AllowNeighbours to false was not stopping claims next to others
Tweak: Minor tweaks for efficiency

Beta 3

Fixed: lang.yml not being created Tweak: Minor tweak to do with (re)loading claimed chunks

Beta 2

Fixed: purgew and purgep commands
Fixed: NumberFormatException error when chunks are claimed in Nether or End worlds
Fixed: Check for neighbours when claiming areas
Added: Ability to prevent claiming in Nether and/or End worlds
Added: Toggle commands for AllowNether and AllowEnd

Beta 1

NOTE This version requires a 1.4 server and will remain in beta until a 1.4 recommended build is available. BIG and long-awaited update!
New Features
Added: lang.yml for customising messages (Not yet complete, but I couldn't wait)
Added: [ClaimArea] signs!!! Place two [ClaimArea] signs to claim all chunks in a rectangular area
Improved Features
Added: Protection for 1.4 Item Frames
New Commands
Added: "/mychunk reload" command to reload config language files
New Permissions
Added: mychunk.commands.reload permission
Added: mychunk.claim.area permission
Bug Fixes
(Big) Tweak: Improved event handling to (hopefully) reduce lag on busier servers
(All chunks are now loaded to memory on startup)
Fixed: A few minor bugs and message


Fixed: Basic interaction with WorldGuard regions (Wilderness protection is loosened for WorldGuard protected regions)
Fixed: Protection against arrows in claimed chunks


IMPORTANT: You must be running Bukkit 1.3.2-R0.1 or higher before updating to 1.2.0 or above
Added: Command to unclaim all chunks owned by a specific player
Added: Command to unclaim all chunks in a world
Added: permissions for the above commands


IMPORTANT: You must be running Bukkit 1.3.2-R0.1 or higher before updating to 1.2.0 or above
Added: Configurable automatic chunk expiry after X days with no login/out
Added: New admin command, toggle and permissions for Chunk Expiry management
Fixed: Claimed chunks now protected against piston pushing/pulling
Fixed: Protected paintings can now be broken by players with the .override permission


Added: Unclaimed chunk protection option (/mychunk toggle unclaimed) to ONLY allow constructions etc in claimed chunks
Added: New mychunk.commands.toggle.unclaimed permission (iincluded in mychunk.commands.toggle.*)
Added: protect_unclaimed to config.yml
Fixed: Paintings are now protected
Fixed: Protection against arrows in claimed chunks
Fixed: Infinite loop when checking chunks that contain no blocks (such as in The End)


Added: Permission mychunk.server.special for accessing furnaces, dispensers and brewing stands in serve rowned chunks


A long awaited update with some highly requested features! Fixed: Signs breaking when placed in an owned chunk if you do not have build permission but DO have .override
Fixed: PvP is now disabled in all owned chunks, regardless of who owns it
Added: [AllowMobs] signs so players can allow mobs to spawn in their chunks. (CAUTION: Chunks with AllowMobs set to ON will ALSO allow mobs to hurt players in the chunk!)
Added: Permission based chunk limits (mychunk.claim.max.{max chunks}). If no .max permission is specified, the server default is used.
Added: Config option to state whether players are charged the overbuy price when buying from other players


Fixed: Fire spread in owned chunks (that means all fire spread in owned chunks is stopped for the moment)


SERIOUSLY WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME TODAY! Fixed: Overbuy not working correctly


Added: [Not For Sale] signs (for taking a chunk OFF sale


MAN I'M NOT ON FORM TODAY! :( Fixed: /mychunk toggle overbuy now works!


SORRY FOR THE QUICK RE-RELEASE! Added: Admin command "/mychunk obprice {price}" for setting overbuy price Added: Permission for setting overbuy price


Added: Config option to allow claiming OVER the max chunk limit
Added: Config option for ADDITIONAL charge when overbuying
Added: New toggle commands for overbuy and neighbours
Added: New config command for overbuy price
Added: Overbuy and neigbours settings to /mychunk output
Added; New permission for access to overbuying
Added: New permissions for overbuy and neighbours toggles and overbuy price setting


Added: [For Sale] signs!
Added: New permissions (mychunk.sell and, both included in mychunk.*)
Added: New config option 'allow_neighbours' to specify if players can claim chunks next to each other (default: false)
Fixed: Zombies now cannot break doors in owned chunks

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