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Filename Multiverse-Core-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
Uploaded by dumptruckman
Uploaded Feb 4, 2019
Game Version 1.13
Size 448.06 KB
Downloads 23,329
MD5 0de6d469b0b34ce0ff27c95ee17f0810
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Changes in Core 3.0.0-b760 (alpha) since 3.0.0-b758 (alpha)

  • Removed -p and -g options from /mv version as pastie is long gone and gist requires an account now.
  • Added -h option to /mv version for hastebin but it may not work either... for now just stick to -b for pastebin.
  • Removed extra print output when running mv version from console.
  • Further reduced the size of the jar file.
  • Rearranged many packages in the code.


This build will break the following dependent plugins:

  • Multiverse-Portals before b788
  • Multiverse-NetherPortals before b747
  • Multiverse-SignPortals before b734 (maybe not though?

It may also break other non-Multiverse plugins that depend on Multiverse-Core.

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