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5,002 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.13

MultiHomes is a simple plugin, that allows players with permission to set, delete and teleport to their homes.

Administrators have also more control over everything.

The latest updates inherit the new permission-based limitation-system for homes and the new structure for the messages .yml-file. So make sure you have the newest version, made easy with the reworked updater-implementation for easy updates in-game.



One command for everything:


    do /home help for more information


    you will find the list by the information pages HERE


Launched features:

  • MySQL (I will remove this for a better workflow for me, better performance of the plugin and because of no one is using this. Maybe I will patch this later)
  • File-based System
  • Easy-To-Use-Command (Just one command)
  • Administrative Commands: just for update (more to come)
  • Permission-based limitations for homes
  • New structure for message .yml-files
  • particle effects

Now in progress:

  • I these days I will rework some Funktions and maybe test the support for newer Minecraft versions.
  • More admin functions



  • GUI System
  • Kind of Warp-system
  • BungeeCord-support (Probably comes with the MySQL-support)
  • Economy/Vault - Support (Like MySQL I'll probably ad this later)

 Please tell me your ideas for this plugin and I'll try to add them in the future.


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