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The MogAntiGrief plugin is a plugin who let the griefers out of your server! It provides an external database who let you see if the player is registerd as a Griefer on ouer blacklist. You can add a griefer on the blacklist with a simple command! And you can also allow some one who is blacklisted to come on your server.

Actually Working

  • A website to see the Blacklisted player, and to add more players.
  • The plugin \o/.
  • AntiGrief system.

Actually Planned

  • Extra permissions


  • /mogag <command> - Allow you to use all admin commands.
  • /mogag onlineadd <player> - Report a player on the online blacklist.
  • /mogag check <player> - check if a player is blacklisted.
  • /mogag blacklist - See the blacklisted users.
  • /mogag whitelist - See the whitelisted users.
  • /mogag blacklist <add/rem> <player> - Add a player to the local blacklist.
  • /mogag whitelist <add/rem> <player> - Add a player to the whitelist.
  • /mogag useonline <on/off> - Use online blacklist mode.

Use the AntiGrief

To use the AntiGrief, juste take a stick in your hand and click on the block you want to scan ;) You need to install the MySQL database to use the AntiGrief!


  • Allow you to use all the admin commands.
  • Allow you to use the stick for the AntiGrief.

That's all :D Enjoy!


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