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Bukkit 1.13+ plugin that drops rare gems when mining

When a player is very fortunate when mining certain blocks, this plugin drops a named item rewarding them for their efforts.

Drop rates are configurable.

Drop rate modificiation

All drop-rates can be changed for this plugin, as well as the rate at which the Fortune enchantment increases the droprate.

Each level of the Fortune modification adds 20% of the base droprate by default.

For example, a droprate of 5% (0.05) would increase to 6% with Fortune I, 7% with Fortune II, 8% with fortune III. However, default rates are much much lower and see smaller gains from fortune.

By default, droprates are set to 0.01% chance per mined block, but are easily configured.

To change the droprate of blocks change the appropriate droprate entry in config.yml.

To change the rate at which fortune affects the droprate change fortunerate entry in config.yml

Dropped items


Block Mined Trophy received Trophy type
Diamond Ore "Perfect Diamond" named diamond with enchanted appearance
Emerald Ore "Perfect Emerald" named emerald with enchanted appearance
Redstone Ore "Sparking Redstone" named redstone dust with enchanted appearance
Lapis Ore "Marbled Lapis" named lapis lazuli with enchanted appearance
Nether Quartz Ore "Rose-Quartz" named quartz item with enchanted appearance
Clay "Pure Clay" named clay ball with enchanted appearance
Glowstone "Burning Glowstone" named glowstone dust with enchanted appearance
Turtle Egg "Scute of Shame" named scute with enchanted appearance and description
Glass blocks "What-a-Pane" named glass pane with enchanted appearance and description - for griefers
Coal Ore "Fuming Coal" named coal with enchanted appearance
Sea Lantern "Singing Shard" named prismarine shard with enchanted appearance and description
Ice blocks "Shimmering Water" named potion of glowing+saturation


  • miningtrophies.config.reload allows using the reload command (default: ops)
  • miningtrophies.canberewarded allows getting rewards at all (default: enabled for everyone)
  • miningtrophies.alwaysrewarded forces you to always have the best dropchance (default: disabled for everyone)

Configuration Options

  • droprate - set the trophy drop rate for this block. (percent chance)
  • fortunerate - modify the rate at which fortune levels modify the droprate (see above)
  • addenchants - allow/block the plugin to add enchantments for appearance to items. (true/false)
  • addeffects - allow/block the plugin to add potion effects to the ice trophy. (true/false)
  • addlore - allow/block the plugin from adding loretext to trophy items. (true/false)


  • /mt reload - Reload configuration settings, drop rates, etc.


Only players in survival or adventure modes can gain rewards. Use of silktouch tools and shears will not drop trophies - this is so that the block must be actually broken for a reward to be dropped.


The full source code and api notes are available here:


Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.
These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.



  • 0.7.3 fixes TrophyRollEvent event not being dispatched.
  • 0.7.2 adds TrophyRollEvent API for third-party plugin drop behavior modification.
  • 0.7.0 added trophies for coal ore, sea lanterns, and ice. added configuration for disabling enchants, effects, and loretext.
  • 0.6.5 enabled glowstone drops by default (adding the config entry can enable in earlier versions)
  • 0.6.4 initial release


If you want to support the author of this plugin, please check out this Patreon page.


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