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New Lore Tips, Names and Enchantment Glow

Until I can find a work-around (that doesn't involve linking to underlying APIs) I'm using the "Infinity" enchantment to identify magic wands and spell icons.

Massive Destruction with ICBM

An example of one of the preset configurations of the base "fireball" spell, which does massive explosion damage from a distance.

Wands With Spells

Ops can create wands that have spells "imbued" in them.

Any player may use a wand and cast any of its available spells.

Spell Icons

Spells are represented by item "icons", so you can re-arrange your spells as you want.

Right-clicking with a wand will cycle the spells in your active bar, and left-clicking casts the icon farthest to the left.

Building Materials

Some wands will contain building materials, which can be used with certain construction spells for building.

The material in the right-most active slot (slot 8, usually) is the active material for building.

Shift+Right click will cycle ...


Showing off the fireball spell.


Showing off the grenade spell


Showing off flying with the fling spell.

More Massive Destruction



Magic is a fully configurable system.

The basic spells and wands that come preset are just the beginning!

1.7.2 Features

Trying to get a head start on the 1.7.2 update, the alter spell and construction spells now work with the new stained glass types, wood variants, red sand, and all the other updated block types I've missed.

Tested with Spigot's 1.7.2 hack, ver...


A Chinese magic user localized the spells and wands. On my TODO list is to add additional localization for the other hard-coded text.