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Allows the creation of items that are bound to named destinations. An extension of the SpawnStar plugin, but not just for spawn anymore! You can set a destination, similar to warps, and then bind any item to that destination so that when used, it will teleport the player to the destination.


  • A fully configurable item that teleports a player to preset destinations. Default item is a netherstar, but can be changed to any item.
  • Includes all the functionality of SpawnStars, and a whole lot more!
  • Customizable display name and lore.
  • Option to teleport back to overworld spawn from nether or the end.
  • Configurable cool down period.
  • Configurable warm up period, with optional particle effects during warm up.
  • Individually configurable options to cancel teleport during warmup on damage, movement, or block interaction.
  • Configurable option to remove item from inventory on use, after successful teleport, or never.
  • Configurable option to prevent using LodeStar items in crafting recipes.
  • Configurable option to require shift-click to use.
  • Uses MultiVerse world aliases in messages, if installed
  • Uses MultiVerse world spawn location, if installed. (So players will be looking in the right direction on respawn.)
  • Configurable per message repeat delay (message cooldown) where appropriate.
  • Customizable language support.

Quick Start Guide

This will get you started while I create some documentation.


Permission Description Default
lodestar.use Gives a player the ability to use a LodeStar. true
lodestar.list Allows displaying a list of all LodeStar destinations. true
lodestar.admin Parent node that gives a player all of the following permissions: op
lodestar.set Allows players to create LodeStar destinations. op
lodestar.set.overwrite Allows players to change LodeStar destinations. op
lodestar.delete Allows players to remove LodeStar destinations. op
lodestar.bind Allows players to bind a LodeStar destination to an item in hand. op
lodestar.give Allows players to give LodeStar items to other players. op
lodestar.destroy Allows players to destroy a LodeStar item in hand. op
lodestar.reload Allows reloading of configuration files. op
lodestar.status Allows viewing configuration settings. op


Command Description
/lodestar reload Reloads the configuration without needing to restart the server.
/lodestar status Displays configuration settings.
/lodestar set Creates a LodeStar destination at current player location.
/lodestar list Displays a list of all LodeStar destinations.
/lodestar delete Removes a LodeStar destination.
/lodestar give Allows those with permission to give LodeStar items directly to players.
/lodestar bind Binds a LodeStar destination to an item in hand.
/lodestar destroy Destroys a LodeStar item in hand.


Simply drop the LodeStar.jar file in your server's plugins folder, and restart the server. Once the plugin has been loaded, make any customizations to the config.yml file, or the appropriate language file in the languages sub-directory. All display settings such as item name and lore are contained in the appropriate language files rather than the config file. When you are satisfied with the configuration, simply issue the reload command to apply configuration changes; restarting the server is not necessary to affect configuration changes.


Default configuration

Source Code

The source code for this project is hosted on github.