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Libelula Protection Blocks

Libelula Protection Blocks

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The easier to use privatization system! Privatizes an area just by putting a block and share the safe zone with your friends. The zones are fully configurable and players do not require any permission to make use of the protections or buy in stores. The main idea of this plugin is to give players a safe and simple way to protect their buildings.

Its use is very simple: Just purchase a protection block and place it in the area you want to protect.

This is the new version (2.0) of this plugin which supports Minecraft 1.8 and WorldGuard 6.0. If you are looking for old versions of this plugin go here.

Import ProtectionStones protections

If you are using the old fashioned plugin ProtectionStones now you can move to this new, better and supported one. For doing that just let the ProtectionStones.jar file and ProtectionStones folder into the plugins folder and copy there the LibelulaProtectionBlocks.jar.

When this plugin starts for the very first time it will import ProtectionStones configuration and will disable it.


For now I'm only supporting English, Spanish, and German. I hope to support more languages in a near future, anyway you can configure your messages by editing the config and language files.

  • Special thanks to EvilOlaf/Krauti2 for the German translation.

(I really appreciate your help with translations, if you send me the translated file I will include it in future releases with your credits).


  • Allows the administrator to create shops for selling protection blocks, so players can protect their buildings without the assistance of the server staff.
  • Administrators can remove all blocks of a player with a single command.
  • You can define what "flags" can be set by the players in their regions, by default in includes the most flags offered by WorldGuard, except those that could be used to create traps as inability to chat , to teleport , etc.
  • Protection priority is autoconfigured, so players could create a city by first placing a block covering a large area (the entire city) and then blocks for each plot, having the possibility of adding one or more players on each of these plots.
  • You can define a list of worlds where protection blocks can not be placed.
  • Protection Blocks can be created from any material which is a block and is not affected by gravity.
  • Players can handle WorldGuard flags for their areas like chests access, use, PVP, etc.
  • The size of each protection are completely arbitrary, you can define protection blocks as large as a city or as small as a single block, also the measures of width, length and height may be different, the only restriction is that the area to protect must be a cuboid.
  • Integration with Libelula Protected Secured Zone plugin so that players can enable or disable this feature in their area.
  • Compatible with other protection plugins as MMCO , Towny and Precious Stones.
  • All messages are translated into configured language.
  • Flag support for protection blocks.
  • Limits by user/permissions numbers of active protections.
  • Automatically imports ProtectionStones placed blocks.
  • Completely free software, all source code can be found at GitHub


The shops are simple signs which specifies the dimensions, the price and the material of the protection blocks. To create a shop all you need to do is put up a sign stating:

  • [lpb] in the first line: This tells the plugin that is a sign of Libelula Protection Blocks.
  • length x height x width on the second line: This specifies the size of the area to be protected when the block is placed.
  • sale price in the third line: The price that the player will have to pay to receive the stone.
  • material in the fourth line: The name of the material of the block.

So the next sign will create a shop which sells protections for an area of ​​11 blocks in all directions, which cost $ 200 and the material will be stone.

Sign Sample

To purchase this protection you just have to right-click on the sign.

This is an example of a shop of Libelula Protection Blocks: Shop Sample


Flags is a new functionality supported on 0.1.2 Beta and newer versions, it allows admins to add some flags to protection blocks. The flags can be added by a command with the protection block in hand or with a sign shop.

Bellow is a list of currently available flags:

Flag nameShop sign (first line)Command (with a protection block in hand)Description
Automatic fence[lpb]+f/ps +fenceCreates a fence bounding borders of the protected area

More flags coming soon...


Like all Libelula plugins, performance is one of the main premises of this one. During its design it has been taken into account to minimize workload for the server.

Lag added in milliseconds comparison

Block Break Event (10000 blocks of grass)Block Place Event (10000 blocks of grass)
LibelulaProtectionBlocks v0.1.43945834394455064
ProtectionStones v1.9c55305571102961103
Protection Block Placed (10000 protections)Protection Block Removed (10000 protections)
LibelulaProtectionBlocks v0.1.41304573012686543
ProtectionStones v1.9c128164324985127373299899


If you have not used so far the old Stones Protection plugin simply drop the LibelulaProtectionBlocks.jar file into the plugins folder and restart the server.

Commands and Permissions

Please refer to Commands and Permissions page for a detailed information.


Libelula Protección Blocks is a ready-to-use plugin, anyway you can configure some behaviours using the configuration file. For this you can refer to the configuration page.


  • WorldGuard 6.0 is used to define protected areas.
  • Vault is optional and is used to manage the shop's economy. Without Vault plugin Libelula Protection Blocks Shops will not work.

Future versions

I offer to the users the possibility to create tickets suggesting or requesting new features which will be developed as they receive votes. On the other hand there are a number of features that I want to include on this plugin before reaching it first "release" version. Below is a list of these features:

  • Region Deletion Timer: Player's area became unclaimed after x amount of hours/days/weeks without having logged on.
  • Region counter: a command for listing the regions of a player, or all players (like /ps top).
  • Any other idea posted in a ticket by you!

Please Donate

Donating is the best way to support this plugin development and encourage me to devote even more of my free time to work on Libelula Protection Blocks. There is conveniently placed link at the top right of this page to do so. Thank you!

Video tutorials

En Español (Spanish)

Made by Lord Manzana



Libelula Protection Blocks is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Please read about GPL License here