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Easily control your redstone lamps or rails.
What is LampControl?
LampControl allows you to control your redstone lamps or rails by clicking on it. You don't need redstone to power anything!
This plugin is lightweight and does not use any files or anything like that. From version 3.1, everything is completly rewrited. Performance is faster, new WorldEdit 7.0 is supported and much more features are coming! Awesome, right?
How it works?
Well, if you are OP or you have permissions for lampcontrol.use, you can easily turn your lamps on with just right click. You can also use WorldEdit with commands /lampon (alias /onlamp) or /lampoff (alias /offlamp).
Config file
pluginPrefix: '&8[&eLamp&cControl&8]&r'
language: en - defines language that is used
operatorUse: true - defines if OP can use right-click function
  permissions: true - defines if plugin can ignore permissions
  lamps: true - enables right-click function for lamps
  rails: true - enables right-click function for rails
  • /lampon
  • /lampoff
  • /lampcontrol reload
=== Permissions ===
  • lampcontrol.use
  • lampcontrol.command.on - Allows using "/lampon" command
  • - Allows using "/lampoff" command
  • lampcontrol.command.reload - Allows using "/lampcontrol reload" command
Github source: HERE


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