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Filename SHT3.jar
Uploaded by dotagametwitch
Uploaded Aug 11, 2016
Game Version 1.10
Size 26.62 KB
Downloads 114
MD5 b5fa1b2ca075ca23de1cb56b6fb44172
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If you find any bug or a problem open a ticket or say it on comments to fix it!
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  • ✔ Improved /sethub:
    • Added world environnement information
    • Added world difficulty

Others improvements coming on
  • ✔ Added Craftbukkit/Spigot 1.10 compatibility
3.0.9 The Fantastic Update
  • ✔ Release
  • ✔ All features can be found on the snapshot/devbuild updates!

SECRET CODES ON THE PLUGINS BUT THERE ARE NO COMMANDS TO SHOW THEM IF HAVE FIND THIS SECRET TELL ME ON PRIVATE MSG ! "this codes is hidden with / / on the codes so it impossible to find him in minecraft but in ...

3.0.9 devbuild a6 "PRE-RELEASE"
  • ✔ Pre-Release
  • ✔ Some config problems fixed
  • ✔ Config file auto-update is now: true by default


v3.0.9 devbuild a5
  • ✔ Fixed some bugs

v3.0.9 devbuild a6 coming soon it will be the last snapshot/devbuild

v3.0.9 devbuild a4
  • SORRY the devbuild & snapshot updates will be only at 1.8 wait the final version
  • NEXT UPDATE AT MAY say in comments what you want to see, and don't forget to report a bug if u find it and i'm telling you and remember you DON'T USE IT ON YOUR MAIN SERVER BECAUSE IT A SNAPSHOT AND BETA THEY CAN CAUSE TROUBLE IN THE SERVER TEST IT IN YOUR SECONDARY ONE TO REPORT THE BUG PLEASE!
  • ✔ Added /chub in help command list (/helpsht)
  • ✔ Fixed in /helpsht the first line is writed: SimpleHubTeleport and the final one: SimpleHubTeleport3 now is the two line fixed to: SimpleHubTeleport 3 (the older one wasn't having a space in the last lane)
  • ✔ Fixed help command gives you a SimpleHubTeleport 2 name!
  • ✔ Some bugs fixes in the last devbuild
v3.0.9 devbuild a3
  • SORRY the devbuild & snapshot updates will be only at 1.8 wait the final version
  • ✔ Added new command /chub - this command show you a menu with hub's has been setted (for moment is the only 1 we can't set te others) any problem don't forget to open a ticket or report it on COMMENTS (please don't use it on your official server because is juste a beta version has many bugs)
  • ✔ Fixed small bugs config file
  • ✔ Removed /hubyear command
  • ✔ Added compatibility with Craftbukkit/Bukkit 1.9 [spigot not yet but coming on next update 3.0.9 snapshot a3]
  • ✔ Cleaned the code
v3.0.9 snapshot a2

Any issue report it in Ticket page

  • [BUKKIT 10.52] ✔ Fixed issue with bukkit 1.8.8 (plugin/bukkit can't detect plugin.yml)
v3.0.9 devbuild a1

Any issue report it in Ticket page

  • ✔ Added Menu of hub is sets by right click on AIR
  • ✔ Fixed some issues with spigot servers
v3.0.8 Information improvements & removing & additions
  • ✔ Removed README.INFO
  • ✔ auto-update improvements info: now he say you the new version is successfully installed on console or if it already installed he say it on console
  • ✔ Added your name when you teleport with /hub (old: [SHT3] You have been teleport to the hub on the world: {worldname} - new: [SHT3] {playername} has been teleported to the hub on the world: {worldname}) if you don't like it say to me i bring back the older one

✔ The Fantastic Update Beta build b12: 25 January 2016

v3.0.7 Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • ✔ Added on SHT3 Folder
  • ✔ Some bug fixes
  • ✔ Improvement auto-update (Read README.INFO for more information)
v3.0.6 Announcing and a bug fix
  • Plugin now has the old image logo:

  • Fixed bug with /hub after the new year update he teleport you random in the map and not the location is set .
  • Fixed bug with /hubyear on final command it sayed Unknown command type "/help" .
  • Added permission for /hubyear to spawn firework's and the Happy new year: 2016 (permission is: simplehubteleport.year)

Announcing: The Fantastic Update - With new commands, and multiple hubs and other features.. no release date.

v3.0.5 New Year Update
  • Added new command /hubyear (this command make some firework on the sky and get a message for happy new year 2016)
  • Removed the command /hubsnow
Please remove your old folder and backup the location, cause the /sethub don't do anymore spawn but now is hub!
v3.0.4 Christmas Update
  • New picture for plugin:
  • Now the command /hubsnow do the snow of the location of hub!
  • Added new permission for /hubsnow simplehubteleport.hubsnow

Next update is: for new year (no release date, this update will be a surprise)

v3.0.3 Additions & annoucing
  • Added new command /hubsnow to make snow in the location of the hub! (please this command is not work he will be work the day of Christmas 25 December i will uploaded update to enable it)
  • ANNOUNCING: Christmas update 25 December
v3.0.2 Bug Fixes & additions
  • Added error message incorrect command on /sethub (example: /sethub trezt) give you a incorrect command but the sethub is not set to teleport, if you do only /sethub the hub is set!
  • Fixed bug with /hub in the final command it writed /hub on white
  • Removed the 2 new option in config file "TITLES"
v3.0.1 Config file changes & auto-update
  • Added on config file to enable or disable auto-update
  • INFORMATION: Christmas update is coming 24 December or 25 December
v3.0 New features and fix bugs
  • Fixed bug with some commands is not work.
  • Added new 3 class on project i'm working on it for next version's
  • Removed custom error message when the hub is not found "that is the problem of commands not work"
  • Cleared the code of plugin and recoded.
  • New configuration file
  • Added on configuration file 2 new option 1 for /hub and other /sethub "TITLES"
  • Now the updater download all times the final version "enabled the auto-update"
All others changes you can find it on 3.0 alpha & beta

Thank you for using SimpleHubTeleport 3 !