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Dec 17, 2016

Owner: xSkorrloreGaming

HardScene - Remote Terminal

To start off, this project is based off of HardScene for Bukkit;
Which means, that if an update occurs, it will be ported over. 

This plugin allows you to have direct access to the internal
gnu bash or command line of the given server host this is installed on.
This is especially useful with server providers that don't offer much
flexibility with your provided server, as you can do whatever you want.

For a visual representation of what this project can offer, we have the following resources..


Please note that these resources are about legacy HardScene-RemoteTerminal.

We have no resources, yet, that are updated and about this Bukkit variant.


Warning: Abusive use of this plugin may break your Terms of Service

Configuring the plugin (very important!)

In the root of your server, open hardscene.properties
For the property labeled port, change it to one you know is open
For the property labeled admin-username, enter your desired username
For the property labeled admin-password, enter your desired password

Connecting using HardScene-Client (supported)
Download HardScene-Client.jar and open it via terminal
Type your server IP with the hardscene port into the prompt
On the next few prompts, type the admin user info
Finally if successful you will be connected to the terminal
Connecting using your web browser (recommended)
Connect to the server IP followed by the hardscene port in your browser
You may encounter issues, in that case just refresh the page
Once on the web page enter in the admin user info
Once connected, you will be connected to the terminal​



/hr help - Displays a listing equal or close to this copy
/hr ban (ip) - Attempts to ban the IP from the server
/hr pardon (ip) - Attempts to remove the IP from banned clients
/hr kick (id) - Attempts to kick the specified client from the server
/hr check - Attempts to check if the server is running or not
/hr toggle - Attempts to toggle the online state of the server
/hr reload [port] - Attempts to reload the legacy configuration file
/hr list [/a] - Attempts to list the connected clients on the server
/hr execute (cmd) - Attempts to execute a command through the command line


As of August 13th 2017, a new feature has been implemented, and that feature is..

The ability to switch between either minecraft server console, or command line terminal.

To make the switch, it is as simple as just typing 'exit' as a command, and hitting enter.

You can always switch back if you feel, by typing the same 'exit' command, and hitting enter.







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