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118K Downloads Updated Nov 15, 2017 Created Oct 26, 2013

Add functioning stats to your items to allow players to increase their player stats.

2.7K Downloads Updated Feb 16, 2020 Created Dec 6, 2019

SuperWarp is a simple but powerful warp-system with a confiuguration with all your warps. Download...

62.6K Downloads Updated May 25, 2019 Created Mar 28, 2015

Manage flying and related commands on a per world basis!

182K Downloads Updated Jul 1, 2018 Created Mar 19, 2018

Simple & Effective Staff Utility To Freeze Players! [Very Customizable] When player's give you lemons,...

50.5K Downloads Updated Dec 30, 2018 Created Jun 30, 2015

Morph into any mob!

36.2K Downloads Updated Apr 16, 2020 Created Dec 27, 2012

Simple broadcasting on your server.

34.4K Downloads Updated Jul 1, 2018 Created Jul 1, 2018

Making reporting players simpler!

34.3K Downloads Updated Feb 11, 2020 Created May 17, 2015

Teleports you to a random location every time. Never the same place as last time

6.4K Downloads Updated Aug 5, 2019 Created Aug 5, 2019

Allows a player to teleport to a random location within a set minimum and maximum...

3.6K Downloads Updated Mar 13, 2020 Created Mar 24, 2019

Allows you to set your own nickname

6.4K Downloads Updated Mar 8, 2020 Created Oct 1, 2018

A plugin for displaying ranks as a hoverable prefix [R] before the users name

11.3K Downloads Updated Feb 19, 2019 Created Jan 8, 2019

Makes multiplayer sleep easier

937K Downloads Updated Jul 6, 2014 Created Aug 24, 2011

General commands for your server. Teleporting, item spawning, mob spawning, banning, private messaging, and more!

4.2K Downloads Updated Jul 10, 2019 Created Jun 1, 2018

Makes the Essentials API (Econ, etc..) work with Bssentials

5K Downloads Updated Feb 21, 2019 Created Feb 21, 2019

this is an plugin for addicted workers, often seen on skyblock servers

16.9K Downloads Updated Mar 22, 2020 Created May 17, 2017

VT or Skript like plugin allow you from shallow functionality to deep access to the...

31.5K Downloads Updated Dec 17, 2019 Created Jan 20, 2015


3K Downloads Updated Mar 4, 2020 Created Dec 14, 2019

This plugin gives you the possibility to appoint a place to your home and teleport...

5.6K Downloads Updated Jun 3, 2019 Created May 28, 2018

Allows a player to teleport to a random location within a set minimum and maximum

37.8K Downloads Updated Aug 7, 2016 Created Jun 26, 2015