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This plugin will manage all the data from the listed features below and interact with a client side mod in order to display properly.

This Plugin adds the following features:
• Age
• Gender
• Family Home
• Homes are protected from members not within the family
• Perhaps even marriage & divorce

• Once a player joins a family, they join that family as a young child
• Players age progressively, grow taller, and get stronger
• Older players get weaker
• When a player dies, that player's age is reset to a young child
• This will be funny, because your father could end up younger than you!

• Interacts with the Female Gender Option Mod and displays genders accordingly

Family Homes:
• House areas will be claimed by using a command, right clicking a cuboid region with the item they had in their hand upon command use, and then using a final command to set the area
• Big families can have a larger house area


/join <familyname>
/house select
/house set