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Filename FactionMobs.jar
Uploaded by Scyntrus
Uploaded Mar 20, 2013
Game Version 1.5.1
Size 54.55 KB
Downloads 433
MD5 40d8ab25ab0f598e9ccd6bf5886f90c5
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This version contains severe bugs and is only kept for archive purposes. Please select a different version.

Tested with CraftBukkit build #2693 and Factions

  • Mob Power Cost does not deduct from your total power. Instead, the total power cost of all of a faction's mobs may not be higher than the power of the faction in order to spawn a mob. This is the similar to the system used with Faction territory ownership.
  • Improved mob AI, however they will no longer avoid water.
  • Added new order, moveToPoint, which tells your mob to go where you're pointing.

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