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Uploaded by Khobbit
Uploaded Feb 9, 2012
Game Version CB 1.1-R3
Size 1.12 MB
Downloads 68,206
MD5 4e1f4c9b2c2fb4343ed264b11118c924
Supported Bukkit Versions
CB 1.1-R3


Change Log:
  • Make it so ops can build, even if they don't have the matching permission.
  • Force minimum CB version to 1846, don't want people on #1840 due to big bugs.
  • Fixing repair to not repair items with datavalues, unless they actually have a durability.
  • Craftbukkit #1846 Bukkit #1211
  • Recover from broken config files, but keep a backup of the old one for purpose of data recovery.
  • Extend valid characters to be a little less strict.
  • Sanitize mail for untoward characters.
    Prevent a user error from terminating essentials timer task.
  • More info, and less severe warning on jail error.
  • Update jails to new event system.