Bukkit Plugins
1,853 Downloads Game Version: CB 1.2.5-R1.2


  • First beta release


  • Added permissions for selling
  • Permissions nodes can now be item IDs. (Doesn't support different enchantments/data though..)
  • Added config settings to change the time span of supply/demand.
  • Added config settings to automatically purge database.
  • Moved all economy related settings into "economy" section in config.
  • Renamed pad to "multiplier"


  • Permissions has to be either full item name, or ID. No abbreviations etc.
  • No way to delete buy signs without a special mod, or removing the block below it.
  • Buying is locked at 64 items per transaction. This is to stop players buying thousands of items when the price is low, then selling them again because the price goes up.