Last Updated: Apr 22, 2019 Game Version: 1.13



Aug 19, 2012

Owner: samyratchet

  • dtlTraders(Plus) (V5) recreated version:
  • V5.0.4:
  • Customize buttons that reset when you change the value to another item
  • Converting bugg when binding the shops to the NPC they lose the bind after a while by reloading or restarting
  • Find a workaround for the cratesplus plugin issue
  • Lores that get deleted when setup a price to an item
  • Shop that get reset when you change the size of it
  • 1.13 API that didn't work for changed names of items
  • Other fixes ...
  • Set what you need to see first with "default shop"
  • Get rid of the shops you don't want with "toggle shops"
  • Make your rank based shops with custom "permissions"
  • Adjust shop interaction with "custom input amount" and "stack shift"
  • Do the real trade with the "Trade Shop" !
  • More navigation buttons and GUI modules with a aim to "One GUI"