Last Updated: Nov 5, 2013 Game Version: CB 1.5.1-R0.1



Apr 8, 2013

Owner: Drake_Spirit

This plugin requires both MoneyDrop and WorldGuard

This little plugin lets you prevent money from dropping in certain WorldGuard zones.

Setting it up
Step 1: Make sure you have both MoneyDrop and WorldGuard in your plugins. Note that this only works with MoneyDrop version 2.
Step 2: Download the plugin and place it in your plugins folder.
Step 3: Start up your server and shut it back down again.
Step 4: Edit the .yml files in plugins/DropGuard with your favorite text-editor.
Step 5: Start up your server and you're good to go!

Configuring the yaml files
A .yml file will be generated for each world. The files will have the following settings:
Global-Mob-Drops is the general setting wether or not mobs drop money. This will be overridden by specified regions.
Global-Player-Drops does the same, but for players.
Mob-Drop-Enabled-Regions is a list of region names where mobs will drop money.
Mob-Drop-Disabled-Regions is a list of region names where mobs won't drop money.
Player-Drop-Enabled-Regions is a list of region names where players will drop money.
Player-Drop-Disabled-Regions is a list of region names where players won't drop money.
If any of these regions overlap, the smallest region will take effect.
Valid list formats can be found here.

Source files are included in the jar. Feel free to poke around in it and create your own MoneyDrop extension!


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