Cristichi's Weapons

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255 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 8, 2018 Game Version: 1.12

Craft your weapons, defend your home. Destroy your neighbours. The world is yours.


Add crafteable weapons to your server!



  • Dream Stick: It makes your enemy levitate!
  • Overpowered Dream Stick: Say bye to your enemies.
  • Ray Bow: Shoot powerful arrows that deals explosion damage to nearby enemies.
  • Potter's Ray Bow x2: A more powerful version of the Ray Bow!
  • Teleport Bow: Teleport to the arrow!


  • /cw version: Shows this plugin's version
  • /cw recipes: Shows how to craft all available weapons (GUI)
  • /cw give <weapon>: Gives given weapon to yourself
  • /cw give [player] <weapon>: Gives a weapon to another player (or yourself if player not specified)
  • /cw update: Updates if an update is available (always recommended for owners).


More soon! Comment your weapon ideas for me to include.




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