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CostRepair - Make your users pay to repair items!


  • Users can pay to repair their tools/armor!
  • You can choose which items that are repairable! Only want users to repair tools, not armor? You can do that!
  • Uses Vault Economy and supports all economy plugins which support Vault
  • Pay a customizable amount for each item!
  • Should work fine with 1.5.2 / 1.6.4 / 1.7.2


  • To install CostRepair, simply download the CostRepair.jar file and put it into your plugin folder!
  • After restarting your server, CostRepair will create the default config.yml for you!
  • All item configurations are disabled by default. To enable any item you can set the price for it in config.yml


Command & AliasesDescription
/repair /crepair /costrepairPrompts you to confirm with the amount you will have to pay, then charges to your economy account and repairs the item in your current hand!


costrepair.useAllows you to repair your items using /repair or /crepair or /costrepair


CostRepairs's source is available on GitHub: Github/CostRepair


  • Add PluginMetrics
  • Add documentation for configuration (Currently there are comments within the default config.yml that tell you how to use it).

Problems or Comments?

  • Report bugs/problems and submit feature requests at the Github Repository: Github/CostRepair
  • You can also post in the comments below


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