Bukkit Plugins
417,038 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 13, 2017 Game Version: 1.12
  • Added '-i' to 'cmdadd' and 'cmdset' (When true, noPerm message doesn't send)
  • Added '-l' to 'cmdadd' and 'cmdset' (When true, noMoney message doesn't send)
  • Added PlaceholderAPI support for commands
  • Fixed bug where it said '-r' was invalid flag for 'cmdset'
  • Changed error logging for incorrect usage of BungeeCord command 'server'
  • Updated commands.yml to v1.9.1 (Is backwards compatible)
  • Optimized database loading sequence (Rather than checking every old version of config there ever was, it checks latest first, speeding it up a little)
  • Thanks to hexosse for submitting pom.xml optimizations